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What Evidentialism is not, redux

Here's a shortish but somewhat meaty Facebook post, referring to an old post of mine, on what evidentialism in apologetics is not and on how not to fall into the fallacy of objections. I'm testing this thing where people without FB accounts just click on the link. Here's the link.

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Regarding the fallacy of objections, if one hasn't come across and addressed the best objections to Christianity, does this mean one's faith isn't on a firm basis? And how many objections does one need to read before one can "recognize the shape of the argumentative landscape", as you put it? For example, this post lists more than 100 atheistic arguments:


It seems that a Christian needs to read a representative sample of these arguments before firmly concluding that atheism is false. This point cuts the other way too, of course, but I really wonder how much study and reflection one realistically needs to do before one can be certain of one's faith.

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