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Phillip Zodhiates begins prison term

According to Lifesite, Phillip Zodhiates has begun serving a 36-month federal prison sentence for having helped Lisa Miller and her daughter Isabella escape the country back in 2009. Presumably he will be eligible for parole some time sooner than that, as Kenneth Miller was, but one can't be sure. When I last updated on this story in March, 2017, Zodhiates had been released pending appeal. It would seem that his appeals have been unsuccessful. So, like Kenneth Miller before him, he will serve a prison sentence for helping a biological mother escape the country with her own child rather than turning the child over in full custody to the mother's former lesbian lover, no relation to the child.

Here are past posts I have written on this subject, as I do not have time right now to give the entire background. The Lifesite summary appears accurate. The only caveat I would add is that Zodhiates' belief that Jenkins sexually abused Isabella is based upon indirect evidence rather than direct testimony. I myself would tend to infer in more general terms that Jenkins was trying to break down what she viewed as some kind of taboos in Isabella rather than that she was abusing her directly. But this in itself was very unhealthy. That Isabella was traumatized by her visits with the unrelated Jenkins is not in question, nor that she alleged that Jenkins insisted on bathing with her, which she did not want. For these reasons alone it is dubious that the court was correctly ruling in the "best interests of the child" in continuing to order unsupervised, overnight visits between Isabella and Jenkins, and Lisa Miller's insistence on ending these was entirely reasonable.

Shortly before beginning his sentence, Zodhiates gave a radio interview, available here as well as from links at the LifeSite story. If any readers have time to listen to it, comment below if you learn more about the on-going lawsuit against Zodhiates, Ken Miller, and others, or if you learn further information about whether Zodhiates will have a website or blog updated on his behalf as Kenneth Miller did while he was in prison.

It had been so long since I had heard of the civil suit that I had hoped perhaps it had "somehow" gone away. But there is probably no such luck. Most recently a judge removed Liberty University as a co-defendant in that civil case. I take this to mean that the case is on-going. I suppose it is possible that it will pick up steam now that Zodhiates' appeals have ended and he is in prison, but I can't be sure. I don't think that the ordeals of any of these good people are over.

Pray for Phillip Zodhiates in prison. These are the prisoners of conscience here in the United States. It's astonishing to reflect that things are so much worse now than they were in 2009, and yet this case stems from events that long ago.

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Lydia, thanks for posting this and keeping us up on this situation. May the Lord give continued strength and courage to all involved.

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