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Growing Deeper Roots

Those who follow me on Facebook have already been seeing advertisements for this conference repeatedly, but just in case I have some readers who would be interested who don't do Facebook...

In a little less than two weeks, September 21-22, there will be a conference right in gorgeous Kalamazoo, MI, called Growing Deeper Roots. Directed by my friend Mia Langford, taking place at The Lighthouse Church on 11th St., Growing Deeper Roots promises both apologetic fun and growth.

Featured plenary speakers include Tim McGrew, Frank Turek, Richard Howe, and yours truly. My plenary address will be called "A High-Resolution Jesus," and my breakout session will be called "Only One Jesus."

The conference begins on a Friday evening and goes through Saturday. Of course, if you can make it for only one of those, that's okay too. Registration includes a dessert reception Friday evening and breakfast, lunch, and snacks on Saturday. Come and bring your copy of Hidden in Plain View to get it signed. See the conference video trailer and all information here.

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