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Jonathan McLatchie on OT Undesigned Coincidences

If you are interested in undesigned coincidences, head on over to Answering Muslims and check out the work of Jonathan McLatchie. McLatchie has a lot of good material on a lot of subjects and is generally a very smart and interesting writer. He has posts on Old Testament UCs here, here, and here that I have not covered.

In other news, my book Hidden in Plain View is right now ranked #1 new release on Amazon in the category of Jesus, the Gospels, and Acts. I was interviewed today by Eric Metaxas and will let readers know when that interview will air. I thought it went well.

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right now ranked #1 new release

Fantabulastical! Or words to that effect!

It's just in that category, but still cool. I'm glad that Amazon hasn't scared too many people away with its "usually ships in 2-5 weeks" message about the book.

Speaking of the OT, Lydia, do you have Netflix? There's a fascinating documentary on there about the Exodus. For once, its not the far liberal show you typically see on the Discovery Channel or National Geographic which gets 10 Dominic Crossan like scholars. It makes a very intetesting case for the Exodus having happened during the middle Kingdom. Anyway, a really good in depth programme if you are interested.

Callum, I think I know the documentary you mean but haven't seen it. I gather it's pretty definitely leaning toward late Exodus, but late Exodus may be correct. It's not an area I've researched extensively.

I have your book! Its so well written and persuasive too. Now let's hope universities and seminaries get this on the curriculum so UC re-enters the 21st century list of evidence for the historical reliability of the NT.

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