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Welcome to new contributor John Fraser

Alert readers who watch the sidebar here at W4 with eagle eyes will have noticed a new contributor pop up: John Fraser has just joined our ranks here at What's Wrong With the World.

As his bio says, John and his lovely wife and children are missionaries to Hungary. I also note that he is deeply interested in philosophy and apologetics. My family and I have been friends with John and his wife personally for many years, as he was one of my husband's students when Tim first came to Western Michigan University. We always enjoy having a chance to spend time with the Frasers when they are in the United States.

Welcome, John. We look forward to your contributions to What's Wrong With the World!

Comments (3)

Thanks for the intro Lydia! I'm looking forward to working together with the W4 team after having been mostly a lurker for several years!

John, welcome to the show. Thanks for coming and helping out.

There's something wrong with the link to John's website. When I click on it, it doesn't take me there.

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