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The arrogance of Muslims and the cowardice of police

This sickening story from Calgary illustrates a problem for the rule of law in countries with large Muslim enclaves. Over the years, France and other countries with such enclaves have seen repeated rioting and a failure to control such rioting. Tiberge at Galliawatch chronicles some of what is going on along these lines in France right now.

No one can say that the Muslim "demonstrators" in Calgary confined themselves "merely" to destroying property and burning cars, if there were anything "mere" about that. They targeted and beat up helpless people who dared to come out and disagree with them politically. That whole "free exchange of ideas" thing is pretty much lost on die-hard Muslims when it comes to topics about which they feel passionate.

Most disgraceful of all, the police apparently blamed the victims. One beating victim recounts being told by a policeman that he caused his own attack by turning up at an anti-Israel rally with the counter-demonstration symbol of an Israeli flag.

The press joined in, telling one young woman who was beaten that her physical "pose" in a photo showing her talking with the anti-Israel protesters before they attacked her en masse was "confrontational."

The behavior of the mob is predictable, most unfortunately. The response of the police and press to the beating of innocent people is less predictable and, in a sense, more troubling. What motivates them? Is it political sympathy with the attackers? Is it general leftist sympathy with criminals? Is it fear of Muslims? Is it blind bias in favor of a mascot group, represented by the "pro-Palestinian" attackers?

Whatever the motive or combination of motives, the outcome is a truly blatant case of blaming the victim, which bodes ill for the rule of law. If walking near the "wrong people" with Jewish or Israeli symbols about one's person is now a beating-worthy offense, more or less recognized as such by the Calgary police (no arrests have been made), and condemned by the press, the existence of a free society in Calgary is open to question.

Most ironic of all (as pointed out by a Facebook friend), Canada has "hate crimes" laws which should definitely cover these beatings, accompanied as they were by the howling of anti-semitic slogans. That would be true even if the people attacked were not actually Jewish, since such laws always cover "perceived" ethnicity. But as is so often the case, those laws are ineffective except where they were intended to be effective--namely, to stifle even mild criticism of leftists' mascot groups.

We need to recognize that this is the sort of thing that happens when countries have large Muslim enclaves. The ability, and even the will, is simply not there to make large groups of Muslims live according to Western norms when they decide to riot, to beat up peaceful people, or to demand unreasonable concessions. Sometimes, as in Dearborn at the Arab Festival several years ago, the police actively cooperate in stifling peaceful discussion that Muslims deem offensive. In Calgary, they are apparently taking the simpler route of letting people get beaten up and then telling them that they are to blame.

This is sobering further evidence, if more were needed, of the dangers of large-scale Muslim immigration. If those involved do not have citizenship, they should certainly be deported, but even this minimal step seems depressingly unlikely. Still less likely is a frank conversation about the consequences of Western immigration policy vis a vis Muslims.

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I'm sure your concern for the physical safety of peaceful protesters is a principled stance and not driven by an animus against one group: http://972mag.com/the-night-it-became-dangerous-to-demonstrate-in-tel-aviv/93524/

The "lions" group in Israel are wicked thugs as well, as far as I can tell from what I have read. I would add, however, that the verified police running away in this story appears to have been due to fear of rockets and that even in this extremely biased article with its constant references (which I do not grant) to "government incitement," there is no reference to the police telling the leftist protesters, "What did you expect to happen when you came here wearing x"--some symbol or other of their political cause, much less a Star of David or an Israeli flag, which evidently are regarded as grounds for beating by Calgary police.

Let me add, too, that my main point in the post was about Muslim immigration, not about the overall Israel-Gaza conflict. That conflict is the cause du jour for Muslim riots but is by no means the only type of thing that has set them off in Western countries.

Indeed, all Western countries will come to replicate Syria at various stages in the future.

Is it fear of Muslims?

That would be my vote. Should they ever try to crack down on these violent protests, it will only escalate, and your typical western police force is woefully inadequate to handle a full blown jihad.

Is it fear of Muslims?

C Matt: "That would be my vote."

Ergo, the partial title of the post: Cowardice of Police.

I'm thinking the police know that they'll be crucified in the press and maybe punished by their superiors if they get caught using force against "pro-Palestinian demonstrators," but hey, if they just overlook the beating of a few unarmed non-Muslims, not many people will care, and certainly nothing bad will happen to them.

Given that the media was once a place where Jews had some influence, and that Jews have supported liberalism loyally for decades, I still don't understand why the current round of journalists should decide to prefer Muslims over Jews. Or Palestinians over Israel. Sure, I get that there are issues with Israel's actions in the past, but there is no reason to think those clearly outweigh the issues with the Palestinians and their behavior. So what, precisely, leads the media in the US and Canada to lionize the Palestinians and Muslims over the Jews? Is it pure, out and out hatred of success (even partial)? Is it internalizing fear to the point of becoming your own worst enemy? For the Muslims really do hate the free media (however much they play them), and if they ever do get the power the media will be the first victims.

"Is it blind bias in favor of a mascot group, represented by the 'pro-Palestinian' attackers?"

This may not be what motivated the police in this particular incident (which may just have been the desire not to deal with the problem). But it does highlight a disturbing underlying tendency in liberal ethical thought.

When a liberal tries to analyze who is right or wrong in any particular conflict, they do not look at the ethically relevant details of the conflict. Instead they fixate on incidental, irrelevant features. Hence: one of the parties is Muslim. Muslims are higher up on the politically correct totem pole than Jews. Therefore, a priori, the Muslims must be in the right, no matter what vile, indefensible actions they may have committed.

"This is sobering further evidence, if more were needed, of the dangers of large-scale Muslim immigration."

Liberal proponents try to lay on a non existent ethical obligation to admit Muslim immigrants, along with phony immigration. But this is false.

If you admit a bunch of friends to your house, and some thug shows up on your doorstep admitting entry, and you know based on his past record he will damage your property, behave badly, and tyrannize over the other members of the household, you can ignore his demands with a clean conscience, even if he accuses you of being a bigot or a snob.

I've always thought that as for immigration, we should admit those who really are in need, really are in danger: ie. Christians in Africa and the Middle East. We shouldn't reward bad behavior by favoring illegals and Muslims over Maya Ibrahim.

Liberal proponents try to lay on a non existent ethical obligation to admit Muslim immigrants, as well as illegal immigrants.

One day, conservatives will wake up to the reality that if the police are going to side with the barbarians, the police should be shown no mercy or quarter.

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