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Margot Bentley to be allowed to keep eating from a spoon

Approximately six months ago I reported on this story: A family in Canada wants a nursing home ordered to starve and dehydrate Margot Bentley, who is an Alzheimer's patient, to death, even though she is receiving no artificial treatment but only spoon feeding.

Now, in a mildly surprising piece of good news for this February, the Supreme Court of British Columbia has ruled that she is taking the spoon feeding voluntarily and that the nursing home may continue to feed her.

I note that the biased news story refers to the goal of Bentley's ceasing to receive food and water "so she can die with dignity." Because dying of dehydration is just so dignified. The news story also refers to "being kept alive by artificial means, including nourishment and liquids." Because food and water taken from a spoon are so darned artificial.

Wesley J. Smith notes that it would have been even better if the judge had made the point that food and water received by spoon not only are not medical treatment but have never legally been regarded as treatment. But it was nonetheless a good decision in which a measure of sanity prevailed. Good for the nursing home for upholding a decent standard of care and sticking to their guns (which is to say, their spoons). Many would have given in long ago and killed the patient.

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