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Call Me Sentimental

No, really. I dare you.

Alright, now that you've avoided that silly mistake, enjoy the following video. Yes, it's a commercial, but parents of young children will, I think, enjoy being manipulated by this latest viral ad banging its way around the interwebs:

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The little boy's smile in the cupboard is the best part.

We enjoy being manipulated by it because it's not just sentimental, but truthful. The agony and the ecstasy of child rearing. I especially like the frisky husband and wife looking over to see the child by the bed, and the husband's dutiful transition from horrified to happy in the last scene.

(Is there a reason "sentimental" is misspelled in the post title? Maybe I'm missing something?)

Thanks for catching that typo, Mr. Luse--sheesh. I think I'll have to submit future contributions to Lydia for proof.

Lydia, it actually took me a couple of viewings for that snippet to register. There's a suggestion of a panicked half hour of searching there, but the boy's expression somehow wipes it all away.

As a card collector, I'm sort of partial to the father's horrified expression as he discovers one of his vinyl records covered in some kind of green slime. I once found a bag full of of collectibles soaked with water, having been pushed into the dog's water bowl. And speaking of dog bowls, I'm also familiar with the "NO NO NO NO NO" moment of discovering a child with a contraband fistful of dog food.

Still, there's just nothing in the world like my daughter's impish requests for yet another book before bed. (Not to worry, though, I'm a pretty tough customer on that stuff. I only give in the first two or three times, then it's definitely lights out.)

Okay, since you said that about the dog food, I have to post this. Unfortunately it suggests that both a 10-month-old baby and his mother are swearing much of the time, but the swear words are represented by punctuation marks. But it is very true to life.

A 10-month-old baby's wish list to Santa:


Yes, that pretty well sums it up. What gets you with the eyeglasses is just how fast their little hands flash out to grab them. It's like having a preying mantis go straight for your face.

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