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A story of hope

There is so much wrong with the world that it is easy to become discouraged. Here is a story of a life saved, from the summer 2012 Human Life Review. The story is told as part of an article on the pro-life warrior Lori Kehoe.

One day, the phone rang at the office [of the Right to Life League of Southern California], and for whatever reason, the secretary wasn't there. Instead, a board member, who was working there on a fundraiser and did not really know the usual phone protocol, answered the phone.

The young man on the other end told her, "My girlfriend will kill my baby."

Now, had Lori or one of the other office workers picked up the phone, they would have counseled the young man, and explained that, legally, the Right to Life League could do nothing. Instead, this board member said, "We can stop that! We'll get you a lawyer!"

They called the legal offices of Sam Casey, who later became head of the Christian Legal Society. Sam was not there, and if he had been, he would have told her they could not do anything about it. Instead, another lawyer answered and suggested they file a temporary restraining order to prevent the abortion.

Once in court, they argued that the young man and his girlfriend had gone to a crisis pregnancy center, where the girl had said that she wanted to keep the baby. Her parents were pressuring her, but she herself did not want the abortion. Amazingly, the judge granted them the temporary restraining order and told them he would stop the abortion until Andrea could appear before him and tell him herself that she wanted the abortion.


When Lori, the boyfriend, the crisis pregnancy counselors, and the lawyer arrived [at the abortion clinic], the girl was already in the examination room. The lawyers walked in with their restraining order, pulled her off the table,...and took her home.

Now, this girl and her twin sister had been adopted years before, and when she arrived home that day, she found a letter waiting from her birth mother that said, "I'm so glad I didn't have an abortion."...

She had the baby, and she and her boyfriend got married. This all happened over 20 years ago, and every August, on the baby's birthday, her father writes letters to everyone who helped save her life. When the little girl, Anika, turned five, she sent her own letter. To this day, they all keep in touch.

"That success," Lori told me, "Will carry you through all the hard work...."

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Not much to say, except that this story gave me goosebumps and "Amen!"

...And I can guarantee, not from conversations I've had but from conversations I've seen others have, that at least a large group of pro-choicers, if not all of them, would consider this a horrible story because we took away the mother's "rights" and "pressured" her into keeping a baby that, at the time, she "didn't really want".

If the allegations made before the judge were accurate, it was the parents who were pressuring her and trying to take away her rights by trying to make her have an abortion she didn't really want.

It's interesting how often pro-choicers ignore that possibility or don't care when it happens.

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