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Patient saved from dehydration in Texas

Via reader David Brandt comes a link to this followup to this case.

The story of young Zach McDaniel, who was almost another victim of Texas's futile care regime, has a happy ending. The entire story, including the haste of the futile care board (now are we permitted to use the phrase "death panel"?) to declare Zach to be in a "persistent vegetative state" only a short time after his injury and to remove his food and water, the secret DNR in his file, the parents' alert and prompt action, and his eventual successful transfer, is in the first linked article. I'm pleasantly surprised that the parents were able to find a transferring facility. Zach is now talking and receiving physical therapy and is expected to make something close to a complete recovery.

One of the great oddities of the Texas situation is the fact that the 10-day window in which to try to transfer the patient usually does no good, as other facilities refuse to accept the transfer. Kudos to Children's Medical Center in Dallas, which accepted the transfer of Zach.

Had Zach been killed (God forbid), this would have been the first case that I know of (which would not necessarily mean the first case) in the United States in which a hospital had dehydrated a patient to death against the united wishes of the family. It's great not to have that precedent set. It's a disgrace that it was even close.

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