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On a controversy you may be wondering about

Some commentators may be wondering (well, okay, maybe not), "Where has Lydia been for the last few days?" This is where I've been. Debating about, of all things, whether it should even be a debatable question that some human beings are really subhuman. Odious topic. I had hesitated to blog about it either on my personal blog or here at W4, hoping that things might take a better turn. In the end I have decided to put up a post about it at Extra Thoughts in order to publish a final comment of mine that was otherwise not going to be published at VFR. Comments to this post are closed and are redirected to Extra Thoughts, where moderation is enabled. Mere personal attacks on Lawrence Auster will not see the light of day, and I probably won't bother publishing borderline cases of that either, even if they contain other more substantive content (it is impossible to edit comments in Blogger--it's either publish or not publish), so don't waste your time writing such comments. If you are interested in what's been going on or in this issue, the story is told briefly at Extra Thoughts, with full links to the relevant threads at VFR which readers can follow themselves if they are so minded.