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July 4th: Reading the Declaration

by Tony M.

It's simple, really. On the 4th we celebrate our independence, and the birthday of our polity, the United States of America. We recognize that this all got rolling with the men who wrote, debated, and signed the Declaration of Independence.

But when is the last time you actually read the document? It's been a while since I went through the whole thing, top to bottom. So, maybe we can pull it out, dust it off, and go through it once again (even if that means for the first time, yes?). Not just alone, though - this is a document meant to be read with others, delved into, discussed, debated, and appreciated doubly with the participation of others.

Not my idea. I'm just passing on Hillsdale College's invitation. Seems like a good idea to me. Maybe we should all refresh ourselves on just why independence was important enough to go to war for it. And why men who otherwise were relatively well off were in the forefront of the effort.

Anyway, it's not a conservative thing any more than it is a liberal thing, is it? This is just who we are, and how we got here. My church will be holding a picnic that day, and I think we can convince them that joining in this reading of the Declaration fits perfectly with that venue. What about you?

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The Declaration of Independence is a rebellious enlightenment document. I would hardly find it suitable for reading at a Church picnic.

The Declaration of Independence is a fine document grounded in the long Christian tradition of natural law. I find it most suitable for reading at a Church picnic.

The Preamble to the Constitution would be a better choice for a patriotic picnic or a Church picnic.

In September, perhaps. In July, probably not.

I am not the only American that feels conflicted about America's rebellion against George III.

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