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The 6th Circuit again

The federal 6th Circuit Court seems to be having a good couple of weeks. Previously I reported that the 6th Circuit overrode a judge's attempt to dismiss the suit brought by Julea Ward against Eastern Michigan University.

Today I learned that the 6th Circuit refused a request by the City of Dearborn to dismiss a suit brought by the Acts 17 missionaries who were arrested in 2010. Among other things, the court said,

Finally, the district court was inattentive to the effect Plaintiffs’ claims of First Amendment protection might have on the probable cause determination. . . . The Sixth Circuit has warned on previous occasions that Michigan’s ‘breach of peace’ statute is prone to such abuse.


Links to Thomas More Law Center's briefs here.

Search "Dearborn" on my author page for many background posts on the Acts 17 case.

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