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The Two Best Buys in Rome

(1) Museo Nazionale Romano

This is a museum with four branches scattered around the central historical area, all devoted mostly to antiquities. Regular admission is 7 Euros for a cumulative ticket good for three days.

Taken together, their holdings are fully comparable to those of the Musei Capitolini (regular admission 11 Euros) and the Musei Vaticani (regular admission 15 Euros). But they're not nearly so well known - so you never have to wait in line, and, during the off-season, you're very likely to find yourself entirely alone, wandering among the most amazing treasures of Western Civilization, superbly presented, without even a guard in sight.

(2) Kebabs

Kebab vendors are everywhere. Many prominently advertise their "halal" status. I guess maybe that should bother me, but, honestly, a cheap kebab only costs 3.50 Euros, which is about half what you'd pay for a cheap pizza. And, believe me, the average cheap kebab around here is better than the average cheap pizza.

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"...maybe that should bother me..."

Why? Would "kosher" bother you in New York? If a Muslim would likely ask, stating it saves endless repetition.

Hi, al. Well, obviously, you being you, you'd take pride in refusing to notice any interesting differences between the role that orthodox jews play in New York and the role that orthodox muslims play in Europe.


The one and only time I was in Italy, I came to the insular conclusion that Italian pizza tastes terrible. That's one dish we Americans have definitely improved on. Burned pizza (al forno!) may be authentic, but it sure is icky.

Lydia, I'm told that pizza was invented in Naples, and that "pizza napoletana" is the best there is.

I will soon find out.

Not having had the opportunity to indulge my one hankering for foreign travel, I have had to make do here. The absolute best italian food I had was at a little local (in Virginia) shop bieng run by a guy who was trained in Naples. Don't let the fact that his name is Jose Chavez put you off.

For one of the 'best buys in Rome', go to Giolitti's ice cream emporium which is quite near the Pantheon. There you will find an enormous choice of delicious ice cream in many different flavours. It's not cheap, but a great treat.

(They're probably open even on Christmas Day.)

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