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Wilders Verdict

No web site dedicated to the defense of the West against the jihad can let pass without comment the verdict in the Wilders trial in Holland.

Let's not forget: Laws against "inciting hatred" against particular groups (as such) should not exist. Wilders had to argue that he was not criticizing "Muslims" but "Islam." It should not be necessary to make such a defense.

I'm glad he won, but the law remains a hammer in the hand of the followers of Mohammed, and I have no doubt that that law in Holland or similar laws elsewhere in Europe will be used again to stifle criticism of Islam. (Readers can help me out here by reminding me of the name of the woman who is also being prosecuted for criticizing Islam in Europe under similar laws. Not only is her name not coming to mind, without the name it's extremely hard to Google and find it.)

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I don't know about the woman you are referring to, though the case of John Galliano who is on trial for some adolescent, drunken rant is another high profile punishment of speech.

Um, no, I meant for criticism of Islam in Europe. She has a long name. I'm frustrated not to be able to think of it. Wait...Elizabeth something. I'll try googling that.

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, convicted of "denigration of religious beliefs of a legally recognized religion":


I thought maybe you were reaching for that Italian firebrand of a woman Oriana Fallaci.


I think S-W's conviction was a more sobering thing. I mean, they really reached to find _something_ to convict her of, and she was indeed convicted and fined 480 euros, I believe it was. And what a terrifying charge even to exist--"denigrating religious beliefs of a recognized religion." If you think about it, Wilders wouldn't have been able to defend himself against that one by claiming to be criticizing Islam rather than Muslims!

Meanwhile, back in the US, an Ethiopian Muslim recently arrested near the Pentagon has been charged for a string of shootings against military sites in the Washington DC area and two black Muslims were arrested in Seattle for plotting jihad attacks against military recruiting stations.

But, yes, it's the same type of laws that were used against O.F.

It's not going to stop. In some ways, it looks to me like Holland may not even be the most enthusiastic of all the European countries about this kind of thing. Just as a comparative matter.

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