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The men signed of the cross of Christ go gaily in the dark.


What’s Wrong with the World is dedicated to the defense of what remains of Christendom, the civilization made by the men of the Cross of Christ. Athwart two hostile Powers we stand: the Jihad and Liberalism...read more


The newest issue of The Christendom Review is now up. There are poetry, fiction, essays, art, and even music. Yes, really - look for the embed under Signs of Grace, which tells the story, mostly in his own words, of Christian musician Bob Ayanian, a once tenured professor of economics and now a "truebador" for Jesus. In the essay section, W4 readers might be particularly interested in Lydia McGrew's investigation into the case of Julea Ward and whether it portends a gradual purging of the Christian conscience from the professional classes. There are two essays by Jeff Trippe, one concerning the use of T.H. White's Once and Future King in the high school grades, and the other about what he "learned by teaching Hamlet." And then there is editor Rick Barnett's affectionate remembrance of his spiritual mentor, Darius Luchesne, a man of great talent who died too young, and whose remarkable drawings of prominent literary and religious figures follow in the Visual Arts section. Enjoy, as they say.

Thanks, as always, to the indefatigable Todd McKimmey, who has never met a cyber conundrum he couldn't conquer.

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Oh, I am so excited! A *valuable* way to procrastinate from grading the last of the research essays! I shall post the link to FB and Inscapes ASAP.

I'm looking forward to reading more of it. Bill's article on Bob Ayanian is great and tells a fascinating story. It brings together so many unexpected strands--the freedom of speech fight against political correctness and speech codes, in the early 90's (which I remember so well), intelligent design theory (really), Christian music, the hostility of the academic world to Christianity. It's quite a story.

I want to praise Jeff Trippe's article on The Once and Future King, which made me want to read it again, and also the poetry in this issue.

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