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Austria stands up to the Turks ... and for the Church!

Alas, I am stunned and inspired. The tide is finally turning, even in decadent old Europe. Pray it isn't too late.

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HT: Jihad Watch.

If there was such a thing as reincarnation, I'd say Hilare Belloc is back!

It isn't too late. Yahweh, not Allah, is still God.

Yeah! What he said!

Awesome! I am inspired to vote for him for something. Can I vote for him in the Chicago Mayoral election? I know he hasn't lived here for the last year, but neither has Rahm Emmanuel and he's getting a clear path.

Talk, talk, talk. This means nothing. Nothing will come of it. The only thing that will change anything in Europe is action. And I don't mean parliamentary action; I mean paramilitary action. Only when the right-wing boots hit the ground will the Turk get nervous.

Of course, a lot of unpleasant (and stupid) things tend to happen when the right-wing boots hit the ground in Europe; but, hey, you've got to take the good with the bad.

Nevertheless, it was a good speech.

Austria: Dhimmi judges fine man for yodeling during muslim prayer

An Austrian was fined 800 Euro by the court in Gratz Austria for yodelling in the time his moslem neighbours were praying.

“It was not my intention to imitate or insult them. I simply started to yodel a few tunes because I was in such a good mood” the man told the newspaper today (Mon).

Next time he will be more careful when and where to be in good mood.

here is the link:

He was yodeling while mowing his lawn???

"decadent old Europe"?

In my experience of living in numerous European countries, Europeans (maybe with the exception of Germans who have been so browbeaten with political correctness for 50 years -- and that now may be changing with Thilo Sarrazin's one-million-copy best seller) are much more right-wing than Americans, whose "conservatism" often amounts to various forms of universalism, Jacobin notions of human rights, and a Messianic view of the world.

WHY hasn't The Pope taken the decision to publicly identify such heinous acts and then go on to denounce them in the strongest possible terms?

Mahomet was an insane savage and far too many of his followers imitate that lunatic.

Frankly, as a Christian Catholic, I am embarrassed that The Holy Father chooses to remain silent.

How much longer will this scandal of silence shroud The Holy See can only be guessed at.

As much as I would like The Holy Father to come out with both guns rhetorically blazing, I can see where he may have to be measured in his responses because of the potential backlash. I have no idea how he (or anyone) can get around that.

Fear of potential backlash is a reason for silence in any number of instances but silence in the face of Mahometean violence and death directed against Clergy, Communicants, and Churches is especially egregious given the reality the Church remains in "dialogue" with these same barbarians.

Ibn Warraq, years ago, noted how he was part of a Vatican sponsored Catholic-Mahometan chin-wag and he lamented how bizarre it was; we Catholics praised the Mahometans and The Mahometans praised themselves and Mahomet.

The Pope ought be speaking the TRUTH. Period.

This past half-century of the Catholic Church's opening-to-the-world has been a colossal prudential error and that can be easily seen by those with eyes to see.

Enough of the putative similarities twixt us and our mortal enemies for Pete's sake. How's 'bout protecting the sheep? I, for one, literally, could not care less about whether a Mahometan likes me or not. I know who Mahomet was and I know what Mahometanism is and I had to learn ALL of that on my own.

The Pope ain't teaching jack about Mahomet and Mahometans and neither are the other Bishops in union with him even though it IS part of our institutional memory; we KNOW who that violent pedophilic fool was and we know how creul, barabaric, and violent his totalitarian system is.

Look, the Bishops have the DUTY to Teach, Rule, and Sanctify and their silence in the face of the maw of this monster that threatens to devour what remains of Christendom is a blood-dripping scandal.

Heaven forfend the Catholic Church returns to a healthy Triumphalism - TRIUMPHALISM. A term of reproach leveled at the Catholic Church for the claim that she has the fullness of divine revelation and the right to pass judgment on the personal and social obligations of humankind. (Etym. Latin triumphus, public rejoicing for a victory.)

This Christian Catholic went from sick-to-death to healthy-to-life through a process of autodidactism in Catholic Tradition and it is only through the process of interpreting the recent epoch of what passes for Catholic Orthopraxis - called for, by the way, by Pope Benedict; including all the Documents of Vatican Two (although, obviously,using more reasonable rhetoric than I do)- that our Church can return to sanity.

Ditch the Dialogue with the 7th century Death-Cult already. They take our meetings as a sign of weakness; and for good reason - it is.

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