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New SEP miracles article

Readers interested in the philosophy of religion may like to take a look at a new article--"Miracles", by Timothy McGrew, at the on-line Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, which went "live" yesterday.

The article will be an excellent resource for students and researchers. It surveys a huge range of topics and material, including various types of arguments for miracles, various types of arguments against miracles, and responses that can be and have been given to both. It combines contemporary technical tools with a huge range of historical knowledge. Researchers will find references for further study both to the recent literature and to the rich, but too often neglected, literature on miracles from past centuries.

Naturally, my readers will be inclined to take what I say about it with something of a grain of salt as I am married to the author, but the article is (in my opinion) both highly professional and scrupulously even-handed, exactly as a general encyclopedia article should be. But don't take my word for it; see for yourself, and pass the link along.