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The Crucible

Just came across this year-old YouTube video which, I think, perfectly encapsulates the state of race relations in America today:

It's supposed to be funny.

I find it horrific.

Some poor guy working the phones for WalMart lets slip the word "colored," and then spends eight agonizing minutes in mortal fear that he's just destroyed his life.

I can't quite decide who I'd rather slap upside the head: the black sadist...or the white masochist:

"I'm not racist - I swear!...Race is not a word!...Like...I...I took college diversity...and we studied Africa, and all that, and we had to learn that race is not a word...I swear I'm not racist!..."

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LOL. A perfect encapsulation of the rules of modern debate. Bait someone into making a percieved social or rhetorical faux-pas (referring to someone black as colored), get hypersenitized about it and claim that you were "offended", and get the other person on the defensive by calling them racist (or sexist, or classicist, or homophobic, or muslimophobic), and loudly call them such and threaten to go public with your accusations or evidence (which implies legal and professional consequences these days as that manager could lose his job over it, and he knows it), and demand concessions or money in repayment for the phony grievance.

Blacks call each other the dreaded "n-word" all the time, the acronym of NAACP stands for "colored" (which the manager should have brought up). The word "colored" is relatively innocuous, but most of us have the social sense to know that its conversationally verbotten these days because its on that ever-growing list of "insensitive" language.

hey, miles - couldn't you just leave some little detail or other for me to clear up?


Wow, this guy would have gotten about 10 words into his tirade if I had been on the other end of the phone.

"...get the other person on the defensive by calling them racist (or sexist, or classicist, or homophobic, or muslimophobic)..."

Classicist is an insult now? Judging by the political affiliations of most classicists I know, it doesn't surprise me.

Just kidding. I just found that funny, is all.

Wow, this guy would have gotten about 10 words into his tirade if I had been on the other end of the phone.

Nothing like the rebuttal, except perhaps blowing a whistle into the receiver. :)

Nothing like the "click" rebuttal I meant to say.

Bobcat - heh: good catch.

But what are you doing up at 4:38 a.m.?

Reading WWW???

I worry that there may be something very seriously wrong with you...


Yes, Bobcat shd. instead be up at 4 a.m. reading Feser on Churchland.

It was 1:38 am Los Angeles time.


I wasn't reading at 4:38 am, was I? And if so, why wasn't it the Critique of Pure Reason?

Bobcat, the only *conceivable* excuse for being up past 1 a.m. is that one is hopelessly engrossed in explicating the differences between the A & B versions of the transcendental deduction of the categories.

Can I excuse staying up nearly all night reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance when I was nineteen or twenty on the grounds that...I was nineteen or twenty?

Oh, dear me, Lydia - you too?

And now I can't even remember what it was all about - except that the author had a really big grudge against the Aristotelians who once ruled the roost at U. of Chi.

Right--He lost his mind by brooding over the fact that the nasty Aristotelians won, historically, over the insightful pre-Socratics and suppressed their wisdom. So he got catatonic and ceased being functional, so he was treated with massive electro-shock therapy which caused him to become functional once more but lose his memory, including, specifically, his memory about how evil the Aristotelians were. So he went on a trip with his son on a motorcycle and in the course of it remembered, sort of, who he really was and what had happened to him. All done in a slightly frightening way where you only gradually understand what has happened to the narrator.

There, now no one else has to read the book. :-)

Sorry. I'll stop messing up your thread now, Steve. :-)

I only watched the first minute because listening to the white guy cower in fear was too cringe-inducing. I heard enough though. They have guilty white pansies by the balls. The people with white guilt disorder don't realize that the more defensive you get, the weaker position you put yourself in and race-baiters smell blood and go in for the kill. It doesn't get you off the hook or make the person "forgive" you, because that's not what they want. They want to see you squirm.

If you instead stand up for yourself and say: "Yeah I said colored. So what? It's just a mild word, and saying a word doesn't make me a racist. Don't accuse me of things when you don't even know anything about me. Got it?" Something to that effect. Not backing down with confidence and consistency actually causes the baiter to respect you, because even if they really do think you're a racist, at least you have self-respect and dignity.

This video is a perfect little example of what we see when public figures say the wrong words. They go on the apology tour, whimpering around with their tail between their legs like good little obedient white people. It has the opposite effect of what they want. Their cowardice makes everyone , black and white, look at them with disgust. White guilt disorder is one of the most important things white people need to learn about. Right now we're in the phase where we make jokes about it. It's a start though.

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