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Some Video Addenda...

to Maximos' latest post:

First, just in case there's anybody who hasn't seen it yet, here's that notorious street-protest against Geert Wilders by Muslims in London:

Just. Absolutely. Jaw-dropping.

And here's that "Question Time" program with the BNP's Nick Griffin:







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I watched Question Time on Iplayer yesterday morning and thougth that Griffen made an arse of himself, having said that Hume and Straw didn't come away smelling of Roses either, Mrs Greer and Baroness Warsi were the real winners.

Jack: I'm afraid that I couldn't disagree more.

My deeply suspicious view of Nick Griffin is a matter of record.

But I must say that if the BBC had wanted to up my sympathy for the guy, they could hardly have done a better job than the grotesque pile-on that took place on that program.

Let's take a single example: what Griffin is saying in the last minute or so of the fourth video is, quite simply, *true*. (Remember *truth*?) But one can hardly hear it, for all the mindless jeering going on.

This is your idea of making "an arse" of oneself?

It's not mine.

As for Mrs. Greer & Baroness Warsi - they impressed me not at all. So they can smoothly parrot the conventional wisdom before a friendly audience. Can they do anything else? Can they, for example, think for themselves?

And Jack Straw?


Perhaps I should explain myself better Steve.

I'm not disputing your views on the BNP metioned in your previous post at all, I detest Mr Griffen as much perhaps more than you do, I'd run a mile before voting for him and his odious gang of thugs.

When I said that he made an arse of himself, I meant that he managed to show him and his party for what they really are a gang of racists ex-thugs, even if he one of two of the things he said were true i.e. regarding the stance of koran's view on the treatment of Women and non-muslims (i assume that is what you were talking about). Indeed I think he ought to stop talking about Islam altogether as it allows muslims to tar people who can talk about islam authoritatively e.g. Nonnie Darwish and who raise this point as islamophobic (yes I can spot the fallicy but the general public can't). to get back to my comments about him making an arse of himself I think the fact he agreed to participate in the programme to start with was an idiotic one, the left-wing media will be comparing anyone who wants to seriously talk about immigration to him for the next couple of years.

Whilst it is true that Mrs. Greer and Baroness Warsi were playing to a friendly audience it does not dimminish the truth of the points they were making, i.e a need in Britain for something that resembles a coherent immigration policy.

As for Straw, I'm not a big fan either.

Jack: sorry, but it's a habit of mine to watch with my own eyes and hear with my own ears. And I neither saw nor heard what you seem to think that I should have.


a) I'm not sure if/where we disagree - from your previous posts it seems like you don't like the BNP, neither do I, perhaps we disagree on the performance of the rest of the pannalists.

b) I think that looking at it from an American perspective, you might not have access to additional content which here in England I do, there is a current affairs programme called "This Week" which is screened directly after "question time" on which Michael Portillo (former cabinet minister) opined that Britin needs a coherant immigration policy because People's fears over immigration (whether from inside the EU or outside)are played upon by the BNP- having watched "This week" before "question time" on Iplayer (allows you to download media content from the bbc website to watch at your leasure) I thought I detected the Kernal of such ideals in comments made by Mrs Greer and B. Warsi, I may be wrong.

What is going on in England such that the street agitators in the first video feel free to spout their violent cult programming without a threat of legal punishment? That's what I don't understand, how incitement to commit murder is given a free pass by the state.

That said, Nick Griffin is a scam artist playing a dangerous game. He can't continue to maintain drastically different positions (shutting down the border vs. race based deportation) on the main issue he is running on.

I watched all six segments, and I don't think Griffin handled himself very well overall, though I agree with Steve's point concerning the last minute of segment 4. But I can't figure out why Jack thinks that Mrs. Greer made anything but a complete idiot (I would have said "arse" but it was already taken, and "idiot" definitely fits in her case) of herself throughout. Maybe I ought to watch all six segments all over again. I don't know.

By the way, Step2 points out something very important with regard to the first video posted: The caption in the video says "Muslim protesters insult Geert Wilders," (italics mine) but that's not what they're doing. They're not "insulting" him, they're threatening to murder him per the teachings of their nutjob "prophet" recorded in his nutty-*ss holy book. I don't know about you, but I take that as a personal threat, especially considering that I just committed the grave error of insulting the psychopathic scumbag.


Well, indeed. What *is* going on in England? Geert Wilders gets banned from the country, but Islamist mobs threatening his life are, as you put it, "given a free pass by the state?"

I'm inclined to agree that Nick Griffin is a scam artist. But I'm of English ancestry myself (Yorkshire coal-miners, mostly) - and it's been well said of the English that if they see three angels beating up on one devil, then they will side with the devil.

I'm curious about your phrase: "shutting down the border vs. race based deportation." Could you elaborate?

Terry Morris - agreed on all points.

I think that Griffin handled himself about as well as he could have, under the circumstances - which is to say, not very well. *Nobody* can argue successfully with a hostile mob. Been there, done that. I think that's why I found myself, against my will, sympathizing with the guy.

It gave me flashbacks.


Yep. The deck was stacked against him from the gitgo, and he could barely get an edge in word-wise ... or something like that.

BTW, I wonder who it was that said the English would side with the devil when heavily outnumbered by oppressive angels? Whoever it was obviously hasn't seen the video segments in question. :-)

Terry Morris - I've been searching my memory, and google, for some source or other for that saying about the English - and I've come up with a great big zero.

Too bad. I guess I just wished it might be true.

Actually, it's an interesting point that the historic and famous English tendency to side with the underdog seems to be switched off nowadays when the underdog has had a "kick me" sign pinned onto him in the form of his being labeled "far right."

Symbol, representation, or omen?
The sight of a typically vicious spokesman of the threat called islam, discussing murder within view of Parliament, and all it has and still stands for, is sadly indicative of a present unhappy and a future uncertain. Ironic doesn't do it, a dash of nausea is inevitable.

The interview was conducted with the civility and calm of a weather report. Might it have been at least pointed out to the islamic hoodlum his physical proximity to that building and it's connection and meaning for the freedom he both enjoys and despises? Not that it would have done any good.

The image captures so much, none of it cause for optimism.

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