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Rifqa Bary Update--Rifqa to be returned to Ohio

Judge Dawson caves.

It looks as though he inexplicably gave up his demand that he receive immigration documentation for Rifqa and her family before sending her back to Ohio. But the Ohio judge had agreed with that demand. Since it appears quite clear that Rifqa's family is now here illegally, and since Rifqa's parents had stonewalled on the immigration documents, this could have provided a way for her to stay in Florida for quite a while until and unless the parents admitted their illegal status, at which point new questions could have been raised about transporting her across state lines, the danger of her being deported with her family or of her family's fleeing with her, and so forth. I find it hard to believe that the family provided the documents (which would have shown that they are here illegally) and that no one knows anything further about this. But I also cannot understand why Dawson is sending her back without seeing those documents when he could have stuck to his guns with the blessing of the Ohio court. The whole thing is sad and strange.

One guess is that he realized that the parents are here illegally and will not show their documentation and that he therefore is letting them win that round rather than keeping Rifqa in Florida indefinitely.

Right now it appears that she will be put into foster care in Ohio, but it is entirely unclear how long that will last. May God protect her. The greatest danger, in my opinion, is her being returned to her family and whisked back to Sri Lanka.