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Welcome Michael Liccione

What's Wrong with the World is pleased to welcome as a new contributor Michael Liccione. Dr. Liccione received his PhD in philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania and has taught at a number of Catholic colleges, including Catholic University of America and the University of St. Thomas (Houston).

Michael's blog, Sacramentum Vitae, discusses topics that readers of W4 will be interested in--petitionary prayer, arguments against the existence of God, abortion, and Catholic liberalism. We look forward to seeing such posts and reader discussions of them here at W4.

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Welcome Mike to the mad world of WWWTW :)

Welcome, Mike. I've always enjoyed your blog (although I haven't visited much lately) and your comments on other Catholic and Orthodox sites.

Welcome, Mr. Liccione, from the resident protestant agnostic!

Somebody needs to add you to our "Authors" list.

Good for you, Michael....

Thanks for the welcome!

A full bench . . well alright! Welcome Dr Liccione.

Welcome to the site, Dr. Liccione!

Dr. Liccione is surely a welcome voice to W4; however, I note that Zippy Catholic has formally been ousted from the "Contributors" roster.

Is this official indication that he will no longer contribute articles even in the foreseeable future?

Alas, Zippy retired from blogging some six weeks ago. We tried desperately to deter him, but his course was set.

I echo Paul. "Ousted" is completely incorrect. Zippy was one of our bright lights, and we would all love to see him back. He would be welcome at any time to return to acclaim.

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