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A different view of St. Michael


Given my earlier comments about preferring pictures of angels that make them look masculine, I couldn't resist posting this.

I got to the new LOLSaints web site via Dawn Eden. I think several of them are hilarious. I particularly liked this entirely deserved mockery of a dreadful piece of modern religious art, and the caption on this one ("Yes, my nails are painted") absolutely cracked me up.

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Okay, that's amusing.

Well, I hate to be a spoil-sport (ok, not really - in fact, I *love* to be a spoil-sport!), but Raphael's *Bethrothal of the Virgin* is one of the most beautiful things that anybody ever painted. And now I'll never be able to look at it again without snickering.

Sure, the caption game me a cheap laugh. But now I wish I could forget it.

But, then, a lot of life is like that. I wish I could forget all kinds of things.

I'm sorry, Steve. My native Philistinism getting the better of me, I guess. But I do think the one I actually posted doesn't ruin anything for anybody. I've never been overwhelmingly fond of that particular St. Michael picture. And the modern sculpture of (I hesitate even to say this) the "resurrected Christ" deserves all the mockery it can get.

Heh, Lydia - don't worry. I'll get over it.

And the "modern sculpture of...the resurrected Christ" does, indeed, deserve "all the mockery it can get."

Satan's just jealous because he has no hair.

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