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On letting parents teach their kids pernicious ideas

I have an exceedingly controversial post on my own blog about the FLDS fiasco, Palestinians, and Lord Acton. (If that doesn't make you curious, I don't know what will.) Given the several different angles from which what I say there is controversial, not to say outrageous, I've decided for now merely to redirect from What's Wrong with the World. Please comment over there.

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I've enabled comments on this thread only because disabling comments without a significant number of comments currently breaks the page display when viewed as a single archive page.

Please follow Lydia's request and post responses at her personal blog.

I'll disable comments when I can fix this display issue.

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We have a brisk discussion going over there and hope to continue it. The only problem this morning is that Google blogger sites appear all to be inaccessible. I'm encountering this consistently across a range of ".blogspot.com" sites, while other sites (obviously) are available, so I assume it is Google's problem. I'm going to sit tight, however, and assume that they will get it resolved soon.

I was able to get there by, after getting the error, refreshing the page. YMMV.

Well, we can at least take some comfort from the fact that he has had the opportunity to be "properly socialized" by the public school system. That is, at least, a relief.

(Sorry, the above tongue-in-cheek remark belongs in the "Unconscionable" thread.)

Google blogger sites, including mine, appear to be back up and running.

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