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Jihad in Orlando

When one of the sons of Jihad undertakes to enact his sick parody of soldiering by visiting butchery by high velocity rifle round on unarmed carousers, we are invited to think about anything but the simple facts. Every possible distraction is introduced to baffle our reasoning minds from compassing reality.

Given this cloud of unknowing, we will restate reality.

So by way of repetition, and in the face of paralyzing ennui, we affirm that this act of despicable treachery, this razzia in Orlando, arises out of the Islamic religion.

It does not arise out of the character of Americans, any more than Paris arose out of the character of Frenchmen or Brussels out of the character of Belgians; it arises out of the authentic doctrine and deep antiquity of Islam.

Notice that we do not add emollient modifiers or phony suffixes. Islam itself is a perpetual menace to peace and civilized life. American policy should be oriented, without qualification or apology, toward diminishing its presence and its influence upon our country.

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Perhaps we should institute a prohibition on immigrants of the Muslim religion? If only a presidential candidate would propose such a thing...

We advocated it here years earlier, in lengthy, well-argued posts for which we had done personal research.

You're not a presidential candidate who is neck and neck with the opposition. If Trump wins and does one thing for us while making us rue everything else, it will be proving that you can run as a non-PC, outside the box thinker and not commit suicide as a candidate. If Trump wins and builds the wall and bans Islamic immigration, he can turn the White House into a strip club to pay down the national debt for all I care. It would be 10x more actually conservative than anything the RNC establishment has done in my lifetime.

The late Lawrence Auster:

"The only way the non-Muslim countries can make themselves safe from jihadism is by excluding Muslims and quarantining them in their own lands. If non-Muslim humanity is to be safe and free, Muslim humanity must be permanently separated from the rest of mankind and be deprived of any means of having any effect on the rest of us. There is no other way."

He named this doctrine Separationism.

Two more relevant VFR threads:

The following are sites of a former Moslem.

You are racist, bigoted, islamophobes! America is Welcoming! Mitt Romney said so; That is not America---we are to welcome everybody and anybody and the whole of the Ten Commandments is "thou shalt not discriminate". Know the rules, people. The problem is guns---gots to get rid of the gunszzzzs. All of them. It was guns that caused that. Islam is a peaceful religion. It is more better than that evil White Man's crusader religion called Christianity. The White man did it all over again. It's the White Man's privilege that caused this.

No offense to W. Lindsay, but in my opinion this sort of plaintive, defensive, protest against mainstream disapproval is pointless. At least let's actually say what we should do, even if we can't do it. And what we should do is expel Moslems from America. We should expel Moslems from the West. We should barricade Moslems in Moslem countries.

When my earlier comment is released from moderation, some relevant reading will be available.

About the only positive thing I see in the emergence of Trump is the possibility that it heralds the end of the polite fictions we've felt obligated to maintain for fifty years.

Roger G. -- Sorry about the delay on the comment. Keep in mind that more than a couple links will trigger the moderation script. You should also know that we have a long and somewhat ambiguous history with the late Larry Auster, though we tend to share his view of Islam.

Not at all. I knew about the delay for multiple links. I apologize if I sounded impatient; I didn't mean to.

I only know vaguely about the disputes between Larry Auster and WWWTW. I remember that he called you Christian pacifists, and had disagreements with Lydia; about what I don't recall. If you have relevant links readily available I'd be interested in seeing them, but I hope you won't go to any trouble to dig them up.

Larry was a mighty intellect and brilliant writer; we badly miss his voice. He was wrong about the legality of state secession and free trade (if I understood economics sufficiently, I'd be in the Austrian school). As to my being an unqualified admirer, he once requested me (commanded, actually) to perform parthenogenesis, though with different words.

So, Moslems should be expelled from the West as Jews were from England and Spain?

And meanwhile it is forgotten that the rulers of the West are actually persecuting Christian believers. Or are these persecutions hyped?
It would seem to be ill-advised to set the precedent on the matter of expulsions.

Lawrence Auster lacked the illusions that many believers still have of owning the West. He spoke of America 2.0 that he felt alienated from and that he did not own.

Lawrence Auster lacked the illusions that many believers still have of owning the West. He spoke of America 2.0 that he felt alienated from and that he did not own.

And yet he affirmed the principles of Separationism.

So, Moslems should be expelled from the West as Jews were from England and Spain? so wrote Bedarz Iliaci.

But my response to this, has been deleted. We shall not talk on certain subjects. Truth is NOT wanted. What Christian deals with lies? Subterfuge? By deleting, you are protecting Evil.

The Bible says, "Shall you love those that hate God"? And by deleting my post that is connected to Bedarz Iliaci, you've proven your allegiance to the haters of God.

We shall protect our destroyers. That is the lesson. And why complain about Orlando then? If you can't see the essence of the problem--you are part of the problem and it will never be solved. Your hypocrisy shows forth.

God did not hesitate to send the Pagan Roman Legions to destroy Jerusalem for killing His Innocent Son.

The deleted comment was pure anti-Semitic bile. This latest comment skirts it closely. Knock it off, Wheeler, or you will be banned.

So, Moslems should be expelled from the West as Jews were from England and Spain?

No, they should be expelled like the Spanish expelled the Muslims during the Reconquista.

It would seem to be ill-advised to set the precedent on the matter of expulsions.

A typical Muslim in the West has absolutely no ancestral claim to citizenship. Most of them don't even go back two generations in the West. How many Tejanos do you see giving a damn about the goings on in Mexico? Not many because the average Tejano family is probably about 6-8 generations American. Therefore a mass deportation would not be even remotely equivalent to forcing out Western Christians.

Mike T,

the Spanish expelled the Muslims during the Reconquista.

The difference being?

One difference being that Islam is a supremacist and totalitarian ideology with religious trappings. God requires Moslems to bring the world under Islam, and to convert, subjugate, or kill all unbelievers. And "unbelievers" is a misnomer. They really see us as knowing the truth of God and his prophet, but willfully rejecting this truth out of perversity.

Hilarious youtube comment:

Billy TheKidd1 month ago
A woman converting to Islam is like a chicken converting to KFC.


This seems to me highly relevant information. If we let Muslims around the world decide for themselves what Islam means, it appear that this is what we are going to get. Note words like "commonplace" and "norm."


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