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Planned Parenthood delenda est

A measure of the wickedness of our liberal governing institutions may be estimated in the eagerness with which they investigate and harass the brave men and women who have exposed Planned Parenthood’s blood trade in the organs of butchered infants, while leaving untouched the butchers who commit this evil. Two pliant judges have already issued rulings to silence further exposures by means of the Center for Medical Progress’s intrepid journalism.

While the White House admits that it is repeating PP talking points, and countless Democrats jump in front of a camera to declare their allegiance to the depraved organization, a fourth video, released on Thursday, suggests that some infants are dissected for their parts while they are still alive.

Reflect on this, that these pro-choice ghouls install in the system as a whole an incentive for late-term abortion, in order to gain more mature organs for the blood trade. Harvest too early and the organs are no good for commercial purposes.

That “clump of cells” has value in its increasing complexity — organs and organ systems — which is useful in medical experimentation. Precisely the scientific facts of mammalian development, which our anti-science liberals loudly deny, supply Planned Parenthood with the means to acquire their thirty pieces of silver.

But why stop there?

After all, there are so many sickly one year olds, toddlers, and many more imbeciles, retards and degenerates, out there in the country, breathing and talking and walking around, who are wasting perfectly good and profitable organs. Why stop at unborn humans? There are profits to be made here.

Something must be said, also, of the demand side of this iniquitous commerce: It appears that there is healthy demand for fresh extractions from the Planned Parenthood abattoirs. Without that demand, there would be no profit margin — no profits at all from the trade in dead babies. This is what Lincoln called the “old serpent” in a most ghastly form: a class of human beings, the most vulnerable among us, reduced by brute force of fraudulent law to property, and subjected to awful mercenary cruelty. In this case the demand comes from Science, that worshiped god of our time whose demands for sacrifice are increasingly ruthless. The demand, moreover, is fueled by tax dollars through federal funding for the very research for which these tiny bodies are needed.

Who are these shady firms that send people out to abortuaries to collect organs from dead babies? Whose capital is behind medical experimentation of this horrific nature? Congress and state legislatures should begin the exercise of their solemn power of inquiry without delay. If ever there was a time for serious, hardheaded regulation of a capitalistic enterprise, this is it.

Some have suggested that these videos are an attack upon the abortion license itself rather than merely upon the trafficking of baby organs. Of course it is both. Indeed, we can hope that, as Robert P. George is said to have stated lately, these videos will be the Uncle Tom’s Cabin of the pro-life movement — that is to say, we can hope that they will be as effective a tool towards ending the evil. It is indeed impossible to separate one’s sense of the depravity of the baby parts trafficking from one’s awareness of the humanity of the unborn child. If some hospitals were making a profit selling diseased appendices that had to be removed, we would be puzzled, and perhaps want it stopped, but not appalled. Here we may hope that, due to the shrewd, courageous work of the Center for Medical Progress, some real horror will sink in among that vast, idle, muddle-headed middle of American citizens, and the true nature of this scourge will dawn upon their minds. Be it so.

A great many Americans are, and always have been, fundamentally uneasy and ambivalent about the abortion license, and more so the more developed the unborn child is. They would rather not think about it. This operation against Planned Parenthood has a dual function. If it cuts off a funding stream, or more than one funding stream, for these atrocities, on the grounds that they are also illegal, that is all to the good. If it forces us to look at what is done in our country and thus awakens dormant consciences at the same time, that is better still.

— The Editors

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Does there exist ethical life science research at all? Or do we need to presume all research suspect till shown otherwise?

The pro-lifers must be able to say Delenda Est to all complicit. The honor of the nation demands nothing less.

"abattoir," ... "abortuary," ... both apt names. In keeping with the Punic theme I was expecting "tophet." Far more unborn American infants have been sacrificed to the secular gods of our age than ever passed through the fire at Carthage.

Does there exist ethical life science research at all?

Sure, lots. Adult stem-cell research, to name just one. Miniaturization research involving mini-pacemakers. Research using a patient's own adult stem-cells to grow a new organ for him on a frame in the lab. Various things.

Many that I've met who are milliennials, who are categorize their politics and beliefs as "socially liberal" (legalization of drugs, supports same-sex "marriage," universal health care etc.) usually just repeat talking points. They may get into warped statistics, at best (and you have to combat these warped statistic). It's all about the zeitgeist and "the feels."

I have come across future doctors/abortionists/professors that have spouted off probably the most arrogant and condescending talk towards their opponents. I have come across kids who attend Ivy league institutions that have spouted off talking points and familiar mantras often associated with social liberals when talking about politics. These are the future politicians and lawyers that will further uphold the already shaky foundation that is modern day liberalism. Good for them. Bad for those with sanity and an ounce of humility.

I feel sorry for my country.

The memo has gone out to journalists that Planned Parenthood does not sell human organs to middlemen, they provide fetal tissue for medical research. But the videos show technicians combing through pie plates looking for hearts, livers, and kidneys so-named.

The word organ is comically absent from the news stories. Fetuses have no anatomy, apparently. The cells in the clump increase numerically over time until it becomes tissue.

One of the greatest tragedies of our modern legal system is that there exists no process which could lawfully send these people off to spend the rest of their lives in a Syrian prison being used to train successive generations of torturers.

usually just repeat talking points

My generation is the result of the cosmic irony that the Prussian model of education used to create a pliable, unthinking workforce for an industrializing economy finally reached its goal at a point where illegal immigrants and robots could do most of that work for less than the cost of educating them.

to spend the rest of their lives in a Syrian prison being used to train successive generations of torturers.

Well, we can hope, can't we? Maybe we can get together with Doctors Without Borders and "volunteer" these PP doctors to help Syrian displaced civilians. Shouldn't take long after that.

I want to know WHEN Christians are going to abandon the soft rhetoric around this issue. This is amass, industrialized, satanic murder, and its practitioners should have no protection from vigilante reprisal.

Actually, I unequivocally oppose vigilante reprisals. Even though abortion is mass, industrialized, satanic murder. Just for the record on both points. (And btw, we do have a comments policy against direct incitement to violence, so anything more to that effect will be summarily deleted.)

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