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Talk on Evidentialism Now On-Line

There's something almost too self-referential about this, but...

Here at W4 I posted an entry on "What Evidentialism Is Not." I subsequently received advice that I should turn it into a talk for our local chapter of Ratio Christi. I expanded it a bit and did so, and it was recorded, with some very interesting Q & A. Then someone suggested that it be put on-line, and the ever-helpful Brian Auten of Apologetics 315, who has hosted a lot of Tim's stuff (hie thee there and listen if you haven't listened to any of that), was happy to put it up here. The audio intro. links back to the original blog post here at W4, and now I'm putting up another blog post linking to the audio which links to the...

Never mind. Despite all of that snake-swallowing-its-tail stuff, there actually is additional content in the audio, especially in the lively Q & A. I hope some W4 readers will enjoy listening to it. (P.S. If you ever wanted to know what a Chicago accent sounds like, listen to my talk. Now you have heard one.)

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I must have heard Chicago people in college, because you sound just about like what I imagined. Must be your tone comes through your writing very well!

It's a very good talk, Lydia. People so often confuse what the purpose of investigating and pursuing and inquiring is to a committed Christian. This definitely cuts out a lot of the misguided ideas. Thanks. We can never tire of repeating this: God put the evidence there. Go ahead and demand of Christianity that it live up to demanding inquiry, because the evidence is good. And then follow that evidence.

(By the way, is there some Oriental image of a 3-headed snake eating all three of its tails, or something? That's what you would need here.)

Thank you so much, Tony! I'm so pleased that you listened and enjoyed it. I think there were some good and interesting questions, and I was glad that the audio picked up most of that back and forth. There had been some debate at one point about whether to have more than one presentation that night, but I suggested that we could probably fill the time with this presentation and the Q & A, and indeed that proved to be the case.

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