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The men signed of the cross of Christ go gaily in the dark.


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New number of The Christendom Review


A new number of The Christendom Review has appeared. It features a sizeable helping of poetry, as well as several juicy servings of literary essay. Our own Lydia McGrew devotes extensive and engaging thought to the mysteries of God and time. Our former colleague Bill Luse supplies some sharper polemical spice to round out the meal. It all amounts to solid nourishment for the mind, chest, and soul.

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I must draw special attention to the poetry of Elena Johnson, who is a graduate of Bryan College. Her work is outstanding.

Beth, I love your article. That's nice work. For one such as I, no poet, you give me hope that even I can get into a poem and "get" it - though usually I have no clue and must follow the lead of someone better at it. (I do have enough sense not to follow the lead of the de-constructionists who reduce a poem to the internal psychiatric state of the author.)

Thank you, Tony! If you ever want to ask about a particular poem, email me (alaiyo52 @ gmail). I'm always up for literary discussions.

There is, of course, "poetry" which is hopeless.

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