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WFU alumnus wins the US Open

I’ve been remiss in failing to congratulate my fellow Demon Deacon, Webb Simpson, on his win last week at the US Open. Sports Illustrated has a good write-up. Even the ladies will like it: it’s full of gooey romantic stuff.

This “Southern gentleman” who “flashed his college sweetheart a jaunty smile” and whose “entire stay in San Francisco had been leisurely, what Webb called a ‘babymoon’ — a last chance to chill before another little one arrives” — why, he went and shot 68-68 on the weekend on near-perfect US Open course, which is to say a course so difficult it makes the best golfers in the world look like hackers. For all the talk of meltdowns by Woods and Furyk, Simpson still had to shoot 4-under on the weekend — which is really gettin’ it done.

Great win for a fine Wake Forest man.

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It is very good to see some fresh young talent breaking into the golfing bigtime. I watch a lot of golf and would like to see them feature some more of the young guns on screen. One gets tired of Woods, Furyk et al "all" of the time. Features on the younguns would be appreciated. I know we got much coverage on the young 17 year old with braces and that was appreciated but this does not happen very often.

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