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On obtaining two more apologetics talks

I have already posted information about how readers can listen (here) to a talk by my husband, Tim McGrew, on undesigned coincidences in the Gospels. That talk was given at First Baptist Church of Kenner, LA (New Orleans area) in January.

I'm now happy to post information on how you can get the two talks Tim gave that week at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. They are called "Beyond Minimal Facts, Part I: External Evidences" and "Beyond Minimal Facts, Part II: Internal Evidences." Some of the material in the internal evidences talk overlaps with some of the material in the church talk on undesigned coincidences, but there is plenty that doesn't overlap, too.

The audio DVD containing these talks contains a huge amount of audio of other sessions at this year's Defend the Faith Conference at NOBTS--about seventy hours, I'm told, from many speakers. NOBTS is willing to send copies on an individual basis to those who write and send a check with a request.

If you wish to receive a copy of the MP3 audio DVD disc of the 2011 Defend the Faith Conference, please send a letter requesting the disc along with a check for $15 ($10 for the disc, $5 for S&H).

The address is:

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
Attn: Institute for Christian Apologetics
3939 Gentilly Blvd.
New Orleans, LA 70126

Please make checks out to "Institute for Christian Apologetics" in the amount of $15. Also, please indicate that this is an order for the "2011 Defend the Faith Conference." NOBTS would also like me to convey thanks for your interest in the conference and for supporting the ministry of the Institute of Christian Apologetics through your purchase.

To find Tim's talks on the DVD, go to "Plenary Sessions." His are the first two mp3's under that category. As of now the audio of the two talks is switched on the disc, of which we have a copy. That is to say, right now each of the actual talks is correlated with the title of the other talk. This isn't a big deal, though, and it might be fixed on the master before more copies are burned.


Comments (6)

Lydia, thanks for posting this up. (I first heard of you and your husband, Tim, through William Lane Craig's podcast talking about your piece in The Blackwell Companion to Natural Theology.)

I recall a few weeks ago that Tim was explaining these undesigned coincidences over at Victor Reppert's blog (dangerous idea). It's nice that to have the audio. He's a very good communicator (and orator) and I certainly grasp the idea Tim is bringing forth. Hopefully more and more will begin to discuss these phenomenas that occur in the Bible.

Sounds good. Too bad they allow neither for download at all, nor for order from Europe, either paid via PayPal or some other way. In fact, I have no idea how to pay for this DVD even if I wanted to pay even more than 30 USD for the money transfer from my bank account in Czech Republic to USA (all Czech banks are that vicked, yes) and risk the package with the disc will get lost after all on its way to me (as is common here, too).

I thought of you, Vlastimil. I'm actually going to look into what can be done there.

:) Thanks!

Thanks for posting this, Lydia!

In the talk on undesigned coincidences, Tim refers to a book that he used. What is the title? Is it available??

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