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Anti-Sharia Legislation in Tennessee

Tennessee state senator Bill Ketron has introduced a bill that would make adherence to the violent and seditious political doctrines of Sharia a crime in his state. Sen. Ketron will undoubtedly be attacked nationwide for this move: these attacks should be countered with as much public support as can be mustered. The bill, which can be read here, is summarized as follows:

The three key provisions in the legislation include:

1.) Gives the Attorney General the authority to “designate” a “Sharia organization” under specific guidelines defined in the bill, including intent to engage in Sharia jihad through violent or criminal activity. Also provides a procedure to ensure proper notice is given for the designation to be challenged.

2.) Defines what constitutes material support to stop the flow of resources funding acts of terror. Provides that those who knowingly provide material support or resources to a designated organization may be prosecuted and subject to a fine or prison sentence of up to 15 years.

3.) Provides a civil cause of action against terrorists if an individual is injured or suffers property or financial damages as a result of the terrorist’s act.

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Hooray for Sen. Bill Ketron! I hope this becomes law!

May the rest of the Union share that wealth!

The legislation is not just recklessly discriminatory, but also Anti-American.

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