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Spam Prevention Measures

W4 Readers --

I've currently ramped up some additional anti-Spam measures to combat the latest round of new spam tactics.

As part of this effort I've added an additional input prior to submitting a comment. You'll notice that the comments now require an answer to a 'challenge question'. If this is incorrect, it will warn you.

If by chance you go to make a comment on something and the field isn't there, your browser has cached an older version of the page. Use [Ctrl]-[F5] to force the browser to reload the page from the server, otherwise your comment will be automatically junked.



Comments (9)

Test, test. Is this thing on?

The Chicken

The spam prevention measure seems a bit unstable. I recently got a error 500, which is a server error.

The Chicken

I'll keep track of the ISE 500's. Most of the time those are caused by things outside of our control on the server machine, but I'll see if I didn't inadvertently introduce a problem.

Appreciate all your work at keeping this a pleasant site to visit, Todd.

I would NEVER block that spam.

I saw Spamelot just last week. So many classic scenes, but I wish they had somehow worked their best sketch into it.


I recommend you try Typepad AntiSpam: http://antispam.typepad.com/info/get-started.html

It's SixApart's answer to Akismet and very good. It does let spam through from time to time, but it learns pretty quickly.

Already done, Mike T.

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