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Photography and a little bit of self-promotion

It's not often that I post to What's Wrong with the World, but I wanted to take a minute to plug my little side business with a small advertisement.

I am happy to announce that as of this morning, 11 of my photos went on display on the walls of the Starbucks inside our local Barnes and Noble. As this was the first time my photos -- in a quantity larger than, say, one -- were displayed in public, I wanted to share with the W4 readers both some of these images and a special offer...

Raindrops on Roses

Lily, Emerging


Mum, Black and White

Weeping Roses

The One-Hole Golf Course, #2

These prints and more are available on my Zenfolio storefront.

I am also happy to announce that W4 readers are entitled to a 20% discount by entering the coupon code W4 when purchasing a print from my storefront.

If you're in the Austin area and find yourself in and around Lakeline, please stop by and give a quick look at the prints framed and finished. Oh, and maybe buy a coffee or two. :)

As always, information about the services I offer are available on my studio website.

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Yep. The flowers are great, but the one hole golf course is still my favorite. Can't help it.

How absolutely lovely! Congratulations on their display.

Great photos! Is the last one a HDR photo? Judging from the richness of the color, that was my first thought, but it was too small for me to tell.

Yes, Mike, it's a 3-exposure HDR.

I love this rose picture.

Very nice Todd, and congrats on getting them "out there". The public sphere is that much better in being graced, even in a small way, by your work.

Thanks for the kind words, folks.

Nice to see you back to a bloggin', Zippy.

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