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New Contributor

What's Wrong with the World is pleased to announce that the esteemed Mr. Jeff Culbreath, after some importuning from other Contributors, has agreed to unite with us in waging polemical war against all the tiresome oppressions of our hyper-modern age. A Roman Catholic gentlemen of traditionalist bent and paterfamilias of a lively (and undoubtedly very noisy) California household, Mr. Culbreath has been a valued correspondent of mine for going on seven years now. I am honored now to count him a colleague as well.

Like his fellow Calfornian Ed Feser, Mr. Culbreath stands as a living witness to the fact that the Golden State is, as the Brits might say, not dead yet. He writes to us, also, from that fair state's rich and neglected interior: a quintessential American place of family enterprises, local festivals, old churches and old verities, which thrives despite the hungry gaze of collectivist politicians plotting its plunder and subjugation.

Here is the short bio he has supplied for us:

Jeff Culbreath is a married father of five, a bumbling rural homesteader, and a Catholic who attends the traditional Latin Mass. A fifth-generation Californian, he works for a small business located in a tiny farming settlement on the ancient Sacramento River. He is the unworthy patriarch of a family of musicians, his children playing both European classical and American traditional styles of music with eight instruments between them. Mr. Culbreath is happy to be considered a conservative, a liberal, a traditionalist or a radical, according to the prevailing norms of political discourse - but never a relativist, a modernist, or worst of all, a moderate. His political views are strongly influenced by the ideas of Russell Kirk, Richard Weaver, Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, John Senior, Wendell Berry, G. K. Chesterton, Hilaire Belloc and many others, but above all by the social doctrine of the Catholic Church.

Comments (21)

Welcome, Mr. Culbreath! I look forward to your contributions here!

Welcome, Jeff! Happy blogging!

Looking forward to reading your work. But help me out on something that was a little unclear from the announcement. Are you Catholic?


This is good news. Welcome.

Welcome Jeff

Very good to hear this! Any reason the bio didn't mention his blog Stony Creek Digest?

Welcome aboard.


@Jay Watts--Yep. The announcement actually is pretty explicit on that.

(Yep, that is, for Jeff Culbreath, not for me.)

Pretty sure that was sarcasm, Lydia.


It was not meant as sarcasm, as sarcasm implies bitterness or intent to harm. I did not mean anything ugly by it. I retract it if it bothers anyone and feel free to delete it. I just thought it was funny that it was SO explicit on that to bother Lydia's phrasing.

Again, I look forward to reading his work.

I meant "to borrow."

Oh, sorry. I was just being dense. I figured maybe you read it late at night or something. (If you tell me there is a penguin in my back yard, I'm the kind of person who is likely to believe you.)

The question is... is he Catholic or "Catholic-Catholic" to paraphrase Whoopi Goldberg ;)

Welcome, Jeff!

I'm looking forward to reading your posts, Mr. Culbreath!

Hey Jeff, long time no see. Good luck.

Greetings Jeff. Zippy, it is good to see you blogging again also.

Thank you all for this big-hearted welcome. And thanks to Lydia for her kind invitation, and to Paul for his generous introduction. It's more than a little humbling to be suddenly in the company of such formidable thinkers and writers. I'm looking forward to many hearty exchanges. Jay, no offense taken - indeed I should revise the bio so that Catholicism doesn't get blamed for some of my crazier ideas. Mark, good to see my fellow norteno in these parts! I will apologize in advance for putting almost everyone immediately on a first name basis, with possible exceptions here and there. After fighting it for a while, I am now resigned to what has become the norm for internet discourse, preferring order to confusion.

Zippy! Now there are some impossible shoes to fill! Hope all is well ... come back soon.

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