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ForeWord on TLS

ForeWord Magazine is a trade journal directed at librarians and booksellers and devoted to reviewing books published by independent and university presses. I am pleased to learn that The Last Superstition, having been put on Booklist’s Editor’s Choice list for 2008, has now been named by ForeWord a finalist for the Book of the Year Award in the field of religion.

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Congratulations on a well-earned honor, Dr. Feser.

Thank you, Beth!

Congratulations on this achievement. I bought TLS and have now read it twice. It is an impressive book because it gives shape and definition to the vague misgivings I've had for some years now: that the underpinnings of the modernist world-view are mistaken. It is indeed exasperating to discuss such matters with a materialist monist or what-have-you who is utterly ignorant of Aristotle's four causes and cannot think of the Medievals except (as you put it) in terms of the crudest caricatures and cliches.

Nevertheless I have some suggestions for a second edition. Lose the clever references to comtemporary pop culture. The Geico caveman reference is particularly jarring, is already dated and will leave readers scratching their heads in less than ten years. You may want to consider toning down the snark toward the New Atheists. Though Sam Harris does indeed resemble Ben Stiller, pointing it out seems mean and will also wind up puzzling future readers once Stiller's career reaches the dead end it seems to be taking its own sweet time to arrive at. By all means keep it snarky, but moderate.

I look forward to repeated re-readings! Thank you for writing this sorely needed book.

Much deserved honor and I pray you win. The book has been, for me, a much needed refresher on philosophical issues as well as a jolting
reply to the new atheists and their ilk. Thank you for using your gifts in defense of the permanent things.

I've been meaning to read your book. I'm happy to see my county library has it.

These endorsements by trade journals surely make it more likely that public and academic libraries will stock your book.

Those who have enjoyed the book should ask their local library to buy a copy.

I want to join everyone in their congratulations Prof. Feser. Hope you win.
Have you read Jean Bethke Elshtain's 'Sovereignty'?

And I hope you won't second guess this post. I'm not a plant of big bad bolshevik BL and his goons.

Well done Dr Feser, I have always enjoyed your work and this is very well done.

I wish you all the best with the final results!

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