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The Last Superstition radio podcast

The podcast of my interview on The Jeff Whitaker Show from last Thursday is now available for your listening pleasure. My segment begins a little more than halfway through the show. Jeff slightly mispronounces my name. It's not "Fess-er" but "Fay-zer," like the phasers of Star Trek fame. (As a student once put it on a kind end-of-semester evaluation: "Set your phaser to fun!" Been trying to live up to that ever since.)

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Cool. I'll set my phaser to fun and listen to it later!

Cool. I'll set my phaser to fun and listen to it later!

Aww ya beat me to it. I was thinking it was pronounced "Fess-er."

Phaser, Feser, Fesser, whatever--I'm hooked.

Hello Dr. Feser,

Just listened to the show, I was actually surprised by one thing you said and, as usual, have a disagreement about another thing.

The thing that surprised me was the claim that a first cause must be a sustaining force for existence. This is a different view of cause and effect, which are usually distinct.

The second thing was a valid point on the emotional reasons atheists would wish to deny the existence of God. I agree that atheists could have those motives, I just don't see the reward system for atheists as comparable to what theists claim for themselves.

So Prof. Feser is every bit as fluent a radio performer as Lydia!

Well done.

One hopes that some of Jeff Whitaker's regular listeners got something out of that.

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