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Not Black Enough

Tiger Woods reacted to the election of Barack Obama with these words:

"I think it's absolutely incredible, to have basically, he represents America...He's multi-racial, and I was hoping it would happen in my lifetime, my father was hoping it would happen in his lifetime. He didn't get to see it, but I'm lucky enough to see a person of color in the White House."

Well. One might think that these enthusiastically race-conscious words would be enough to satisfy the ubiquitous race-hucksters of the left. But one would be wrong:

"Making money and playing golf come with ease for Woods. Standing for something other than lucrative endorsements and Nike nine irons has always been the tricky part. Woods would rather be atomized than take a position.

"On anything.

"I have a dream: That one day Woods will care about something other than making money.

"Woods is usually so relentlessly apolitical and position-phobic, he borders on cowardly...

"Other athletes were taking positions and talking politics. Woods said little...

"When Woods was asked to take part in Sunday's president-elect ceremonies, joining other celebrities like Bono, Sheryl Crow, Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Wonder, he shocked many by accepting, and I thought there was hope for him yet...

"But Woods couldn't help but still be Woods...

"Woods' meek appearance had the smell of bandwagon jumping. Too late, Tiger. Some of us know what you're doing, which is being overtly opportunistic.

"Woods saw which way the wind was blowing and decided to jump on the Cablanasian train...

"I understand why Woods takes few firm position. Having a stance is risky. It takes stones...

"Woods has guts on the course. Off of it...

"Not so much.

"Welcome to the Obama presidency, Tiger. Better late than never.

"I guess."

* * * * *

So, all, repeat after me:

Race Doesn't Matter! Race Doesn't Matter! Race Doesn't Matter!

* * * * *

Thanks to Paul Cella for drawing this putrescent gem to my attention.

Comments (5)

Sorry, PC (what unfortunate initials you have!) - not trying to steal your thunder, but I thought this story deserved another post.

No problem Steve.

Thanks for the repost. I just glanced at the original and this encouraged me to go back and read it to really take in the sad state of sports commentary.

Would that all celebs had the political modesty of Tiger Woods.

awesome! great post. I've been telling me friends about this blog. They love it!

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