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Dewey defeats Truman?

Can John McCain pull victory from the jaws of defeat one last time? John Podhoretz thinks he can, and Roger Kimball, Bob Krumm, and Vox Day think he will. Perhaps what they have to say will help some readers to sleep more soundly tonight. (Tomorrow night is another matter...)

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At 6:00Am at my polling place the line was looooong. My district in So. VA is largely McCain and it was fairly evident that they ain't staying home, so I wouldn't write VA off as a blue state just yet.

There were three lines at my northern Virginia polling place, divided by the voter's last name. The A-G line was quite long, the H-O line was perhaps a tenth as long, and the P-Z line, into which my wife and I fall, was empty, leading to the quickest trip to the polls I've had since I voted in a Democratic primary in 1996 or 2000.

McCain has no chance. I voted for him anyway, and may God forgive me for that, but he's done. I'll be depressed when Obama wins. Really, I've been depressed by his imminent victory ever since the financial collapse made his election a foregone conclusion. Not that McCain doesn't frighten me, but he frightens me just a little less. Still, God sends wicked rulers to chastise us.

The British won Rorke's Drift.

You guys are cute.

I am going to go with this map, plus Ohio for a 311 total.

Where were all the values voters?

Going by the demographics the values voters turn out to be largely whites. The people McCain busted his asch for - the lovely 'Catholic' Hispanics - have settled instead for bread and circus. Its poetic justice really. In any case with a bad economy year, the worst in a generation, all the messiah could manage was a +3% advantage. Buyers' remorse will soon set in.

What did I say?

As early as May this year:


I believe you may be neglecting one of the more salient issues unique to the candidacy of Obama: he may become the first black president in the history of the United States.

What black American would not want to help make history by voting Obama into office and making him the first black president, ultimately realizing the dream of every black American and ridding finally the figurative (and still, in some cases, literal) shackles of racism and oppression which the white oppressors had binded him with since the dark days of slavery?

Indeed, even in spite of any particular disagreements with Obama's policy and political viewpoints, many if not most black Americans (even white Americans and, not to mention, most certainly minorities) may understandably come to vote Obama for this very reason.

This is one of the greater forces that undoubteldy would propel Obama's candidacy and one of the more significant reasons why such non-votes would more likely help Obama rather than McCain (in addition to the aforementioned such as a swift end to the Iraq debacle) since a majority of those voters I've mentioned would more likely vote for Obama. Not to mention, there is anecdotal evidence, to say the least, concerning such predicament, which I won't readily discuss here since that would go far beyond the very topic of this thread.

Posted by aristocles | May 30, 2008 12:47 PM

And what about the economic crisis all but ensuring Obama's victory?

You seem to have neglected the fact that the very reason for his poise in all this (why he needs not go aggressive at all unlike McCain), is due to the very crisis that is before us, which all but guarantees his ascent to the White House.

Once Obama had established McCain as being nothing than a George W. Bush in disguise (you might say, not unlike a reductio ad Hitlerum where Bush, in this case, was Hitler & McCain being just as bad), Obama need only sit back and let the Crisis do the campaigning for him.

The worse the crisis got, the greater the animosity toward Bush and, consequently, McCain who, as it had been already established, was nothing but a Bush under all his rhetoric & policies.

Posted by aristocles | October 9, 2008 4:38 PM

Please Pray. Kevin's Catacomb Approach is all that's left now.

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