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New Contributor

We are pleased today to welcome to What's Wrong with the World a new Contributor, the esteemed philosopher and theologian Ed Feser of Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California. We have Lydia to thank for cajoling him into joining us. They were colleagues at the late great Right Reason. Prof. Feser's writings have circulated widely. His bio is here. He is the author of four books, including, most recently, a polemic against that obnoxious faction known as the New Atheists, whose project is to assail religion wherever its principles are advanced most ineptly and studiously ignore it where its principles are advanced most competently. Accordingly, we can expect these dutiful scholars to pay Prof. Feser no attention at all.

In any case, we shall pay the professor and his incisive defenses of right reason plenty of attention. We might even ask his opinion of Bob Dylan.

Comments (5)

The same Ed Feser as in The Last Superstition?

So Lydia has that kind of pull...whoa!

"We might even ask his opinion of Bob Dylan."

Can't wait.

Yea! Great News!

Awesome to the infinite power. Excellent work Lydia, and grateful welcome to Dr. Feser.

Very kind, everyone, thank you. Very glad to see some of the folks from Right Reason, both among the contributors and commenters. I'm honored to join the W4 ranks!

RE: Bob Dylan, um... interesting hair.

Hah. Take that, Paul.

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