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September 11.


What happened on this day seven years ago may be said simply: The Jihad delivered against America a most grievous and staggering blow; also, of course, a treacherous and spiritually impotent one — as befits the Jihad. It was not a blow delivered against the American fighting man. Against him the Jihad has generally withered or taken flight. We demean the word by calling what happened on September 11th a battle. It was a blow delivered against men and women the great majority of whom never had even a moment to contemplate self-defense. That some Americans — who we venerate today where their remains lie, in the wide fields of Shanksville, Pennsylvania — gave battle to these brigands, and in the end conquered them by thwarting their conspiracy, shows indeed their valor, but does not grant their murderers the honor of the title Soldier.

The Towers fell; the Pentagon burned. It was a perfect expression of the Jihad. The guilt of its victims, according to doctrine, was fixed by their unbelief. America stood as the citadel and champion of Infidelity. There could be no innocents there.

And so honor, innocence, charity, kindness, courage, nobility, valor — all must kneel at the feet of the obligation of the Jihad to smash up the powers of Infidelity. America is the greatest of those powers. Whatever our foreign policy, whatever the character of our statesmen — still we shall attract, at least for the time being, the boldest stratagems, the cleverest sedition, the cruelest bloodlust of the Jihad.

Our countrymen perished in the flames of this wicked system, this terrible institution of Jihad. Today we remember them, we honor them, we lift up those who mourn them in prayer; and we steel ourselves for the day when the Jihad will try again.

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"Today we remember them, we honor them, we lift up those who mourn them in prayer; and we steel ourselves for the day when the Jihad will try again."


This morning, my 9-year-old (who is sometimes a tad introspective and hence doesn't osmotically pick up bits of information) heard us all talking and said, "What's September 11?" I said something like, "On this day in 2001 Muslim terrorists flew planes into American buildings and murdered thousands of Americans in those buildings." Eldest Daughter approved: "I like the way you don't use the passive verb there, Mom." So I looked up an AP story. It starts okay, with "terrorists" (no mention of whether they were Bahai terrorists, Irish terrorists, or what) flying planes, but by the time we get a little further it's "A plane flew" (as though by itself), and a little further down it was "a plane was crashed." Now the only AP story I can find doesn't even mention terrorists, and uses the phrase "the crash killed..." as though, just maybe, it was an accident.

It's shocking how much determination it takes now to call things by their right names.

Much unfavorable commentary has been written about the design of this memorial:


I just wish the memorial paid proper tribute to the heroes on Flight 93. Personally, if you can handle it, I recommend watching Paul Greengrass' film "United 93" as a proper tribute to the event, which is one of the most harrowing and yet inspirational films I've ever seen. Despite the fact that you know how the film ends, it will have you on the end of your seat and in tears at the end. Todd Beamer and gang are true American heroes.

We should remember what happened 7 years ago today. But tomorrow, I urge you to commemorate the 325th anniversary of the greatest victory to date of the Cross over the Crescent.

Thank you, editors. Thank you very much.

Paul, thanks for the post and for not allowing the day to pass without remembrance.

Whether we as a people have embraced the reforms and spiritual disciplines necessary for self-preservation, or if our government has pursued the right strategies since 9-11, are topics open to debate. But not tonight.

Our Lady of Victory Church is just blocks from where the Towers stood, and today's Mass was an especially moving liturgy enhanced by the talents of several classical musicians. In particular, by a tenor gifted with extraordinary range and depth. As he sang the Panis Angelicus, all that is good in this world and the next, rose to banish the obscene memories and ugly images from 7 years ago, while Someone whispered; Beauty will save the world. Of that, I am convinced.


Could you be referring to the events of Sept 12, 1683?

If so, certain Chestertonians are with you on this! ;^)

I certainly was! Even more than Tours or Lepanto, the Battle of Vienna is special to me. It's a great story: from the courageous, desperate defenders, to Sobieski's nick-of-time arrival, to the Saracens being undone by their own greed.

If it weren't for political correctness, it would make for a heckuva movie!

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