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Joe meets Mike

In one of my very occasional attempts to join the 21st Century, I have committed a YouTube video! Behold:

In my defense, I hasten to point out that although the medium may be 21st Century, the *music* is 19th century, and the *visuals* date from 1534-41.

This is my very first try with Windows Movie Maker, so please be kind.

In my (totally objective) opinion, this is the best sample of the "Dies Irae" from Verdi's Requiem now available on YouTube. The reigning favorite features a terrific Bass Drum, but Sir Georg Solti's interpretation is, as usual, fast and loud - and little more than that. Moreover, there's nothing to look at but a still of Giuseppe Verdi (admittedly a handsome fellow).

Whereas I provide saints and sinners, angels and devils - and a performance directed by "the greatest ever conductor to stand in front of orchestras" - to wit, Sergiu Celibidache.

Not to mention amateur-hour panning and zooming!

Comments (6)

I liked it a lot. Very nice melding of video and music, with a powerful, thematic ending. Good job Mr. Burton.

Excellent work.

I think I need to purchase a recording of Verdi's Requiem, as it is not found among my collection. (For shame.)

Very cool! I esp. liked the trumpets in the music combined with the trumpets in the picture. Y.D. (age 4) watched it with me and was much taken with the brass, both visual and audio. She's tough, so I let her see the damned being dragged off at the beginning, but I sent away her older sister, who is less tough.

"Youtube"? Is that something on the interwebs?

The ultimate classic recording of Verdi's Manzoni Requiem is Giulini's.

Original-instruments-enthusiasts may prefer John Eliot Gardiner.

But, for me, it is always & only...Sergiu Celibidache.

When I was visiting the Sistine Chapel, the tour guide told us that the guy wrapped up by the serpent and being dragged into hell was an official in the papal curia whom Michelangelo detested. The official upon seeing this stormed off to the pope and demanded that his image be removed from among the damned. Reportedly,the pope responded, "I'm very sorry, but there is really nothing I can do. Now if you were in purgatory, that would be different."

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