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Fox News Jumps the Shark*

Apparently, Obama and his wife performing the celebratory 'pound' might be suggestive of terrorism, according to an anchorette on Fox News:

There followed, or so I hear, a conversation with a "body-language expert", which sounds a bit like a pseudo-discipline to me. Who knew that a plausible construal of an action I perform with my toddlers is some sort of sympathy with, or emulation of, terrorists?

In any event, anchorette E.D. Hill, whose program might also be characterized as the Fox News Leg Show, has offered a typical apology - of the sort that admits causing erroneous impressions but not poor diction, let alone the bone-headed thought processes that lead to such usages.

* I suspend disbelief, in order to abstract away from the 567,983 previous times that Fox News has jumped the shark.

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I watched the Lakers-Celtics game last night. I can see why Fox doesn't have the contract to show these games, they're chock full of terrorist signalling and plotting. And who knows what will happen next, since Kobe Bryant is such an "explosive" player. As it is, the game was full of violent shooting.

American sporting franchises are bastions of crypto-terrorists. Wouldn't want to legitimize that by broadcasting sporting events.

On a more serious note, since I believe sports are intrinsic, self-referential goods, I could not watch that game last night. First, I'm a Philly guy. Second, the Lakers were dominant through long stretches of the game, and while I dislike both franchises, I really dislike Kobe Bryant, a Philly local who refused, when he entered the draft, to play for any team other than the Lakers.

You might not watch it (read - I do), but they had that clip on the Daily Show. It was priceless.

I don't watch the Daily Show. I don't even know the time it airs, though I suspect that it would be late enough to discourage a father of toddlers, who happens to be in mediocre health.

It must've been priceless. I'll have to search for it on YouTube.

"I really dislike Kobe Bryant..."

Then you missed a glorious moment as Paul Pierce turned the second-half into a blanket party for Bryant, and in so doing has ensured his place within the Celtics' Pantheon. A game for the ages. Well worth the sleep deprivation.

I wish I had watched last night's contest; I opted out when the Celtics were down 18 at the half. Gentle regrets.

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