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What's Wrong with the World to Close

Dear Readers,

Effective at 10:33PM Central Time, I will be closing down What's Wrong with the World. The domain will go dark completely at midnight. Backups of the database, comments and site layout have been sent to the editor, Paul J. Cella if he wishes to continue this site elsewhere.

Due to recent changes in my political philosophy, I can no longer, in good conscience, continue to run this site.


April fool's.

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You @#$$^%##$^%$...had me going there until I saw H in 2008.

What Kurt said.

Hillary - *shudder*. Nice post.

Very, very nicely done.

Oh, golly, Todd, I believed you. At first I thought it was just a temporary thing. Then when I saw the political philosophy thing I thought it was real. Then when I saw HIllary 08, I suddenly remembered the date.

You owe my doctor the bill for my heart attack. :-)

Well played.

Oh, golly, Todd, I believed you. At first I thought it was just a temporary thing. Then when I saw the political philosophy thing I thought it was real.

Am I that liberal still? Guess I got some work to do. It's the whole 'my wife still works' isn't it? Tell the truth now. :)

Well, no, it said a _change_ in your political philosophy, so that means I believe you are conservative.

It's really just my incurable naivete. It never quite goes away.

I won't fail y'all, I promise!

Bravo! I bet you are "going dark" in solidarity with Earth Hour. As the Experts say, "the time to begin is now."

Earth Hour - North America

"Google goes dark for Earth Hour"

Well, I'm in good company with Lydia. I thought the sky was falling for a moment there, and wondering where the other folks were going to blog next...



[You'll find no quarter for personal attacks in this thread. -Todd]

Got me.

Sheessh! And I almost thought that was real!

That was almost Kaufman-ish for my taste!

Your political tastes could be worse. Hillary actually has convictions, some right and some wrong, although she has a nasty habit of lying much like her hubby, lies that she ought to know will be exposed.

Obama, on the other hand, is the sort Hannah Arendt meant when she coined the term the "banality of evil," someone so focused on advancing themselves that they have no discernible beliefs or convictions. Such people have an empty space where others have a soul. I shudder for the world if he is elected. Someone who can't even speak out against the blatant racism, bigotry and anti-Semitism at his own church, won't be able to deal with the world's nasty and evil sort. And someone who will brand his own grandmother a racist for remarks far less vile than his pastor's, is someone devoid of all sense or decency. Obama, like Eichman before him, will do and say anything to advance himself. And exposed for what he is, he will brand his critics as racists.

Woosh? :)

Gasp (of horror).


Sigh (of relief).

Wow, it felt like Bosnian sniper fire.

Fine work, Todd.

You see how good we have it here, the rest of you?

Yes, definitely, three cheers for Todd!!! Thank you, Todd, for all you do. We really do deeply appreciate it.

Aww shucks. Thanks!

I was going to say, "Yeah? I'll shift your paradigm!" (Still my favorite)

And I gave a _different_ one of yours a prize, Scott. :-)