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True Colors

I'll forgo any pretense of being shocked or even the least bit alarmed at finding out that our first Muslim member of Congress has been caught on tape displaying sympathy for crackpot...Well, let's hear it in his words:

It's almost like the Reichstag fire, kind of reminds me of that. After the Reichstag was burned, they blamed the Communists for it and it put the leader of that country [Hitler] in a position where he could basically have authority to do whatever he wanted. The fact is that I'm not saying [Sept. 11] was a [U.S.] plan, or anything like that because, you know, that's how they put you in the nut-ball box -- dismiss you.
Yeah. It would be nice, because there's something in the phrasing that might put the nutballs in your debt.

It even seems you had a connection to the Flying Imams case. Back in law school days, and

Over the imprecations of his Jewish classmates...Ellison helped bring raving anti-Semitic Nation of Islam speaker Kwame Toure to the the University of Minnesota Law School itself in February 1990.

As a public figure in private practice Ellison befriended the gang leader whose minions committed the most notorious cop killing in Minnesota history. Ellison's contributions included leading a mob chanting "no justice, no peace" outside the courthouse in support of one of the defendants subsequently convicted of the murder of the police officer.

So I can't dismiss you because you're a U.S. congressman and a Muslim, and I'm an open-minded, all-American separation-of-church-and-stater who is simply delighted at this proof of our country's cultural diversity, its ability to absorb so many - what's the word? - worldviews, I guess, into its governing mechanism. I was astounded to find out that you were born and raised Roman Catholic, went to a Jesuit high school, and then in college, at age 19 (modern catechesis being what it is), converted to Islam. And not just any Islam, but the Sunni variety. It's amazing what happens to some kids when they go off to college; you know, too much partying and drinking, grades start to fall. Some of them even lose their capacity for ratiocination. Permanently. But not you. You continued your spiritual journey, graduated, and got a law degree - that latter thing (not to mention your being black and Muslim) virtually guaranteeing you'd fit into the system somewhere.

Frankly, I'm amazed at the dexterity with which you pull off being a thorough-going liberal and a Muslim (Sunni-type!) at the same time. I've heard that most Muslims hate abortion, but you're in favor of it. (All right, so you're technically pro-choice.) And you don't think gay marriage is a concern of the federal government. And you're in favor of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian 'problem'. And I feel safe in assuming you're all in favor of women's equality. I doubt most Sunnis care much about your other issues, like instituting universal health care and impeaching Dick Cheney, but, considering how far you've come already, I feel confident it's just a matter of time before you convince King Abdullah Bin-Abd-al-Aziz Al Saud of the error in his thinking about women, talk bin Laden into liking us, and completely pacify the Sunni triangle in Iraq. The abortion stuff and the coddling of homosexuals might take a little longer, but it's doable.

A religious test for office? It's unconstitutional and therefore unthinkable. I say the more Muslims the merrier. How about a Muslim president? I wonder what would happen then? It's exciting to think about.

You're such an inspiration that I think more people ought to know about you, and so as a courtesy I'm supplying some helpful links. Gratis. No thanks necessary.

At Powerline: a bit of Ellison's history
At Commentary: their blog...
...and an article.
And at the Weekly Standard, Scott Preston's article
The article at Atheists for Human Rights, wherein can be found a link to a video of the event in question

Comments (11)

What was an atheist group doing having him speak, anyway? Maybe that's their idea of interfaith dialogue? The whole thing would be a puzzle, if it weren't already obvious that atheists just love anybody who isn't a Christian, however much of a whackjob. They (atheists) are the "brights," y'know, according to Dan Dennett, I believe.

In essence he appears to be saying 9/11 presented Bush the opportunity to strengthen Presidential power. And Bush has made the most of it.

Of course, that power has been strengthened only because Congress has let him.

c matt, in essence Ellison is saying what he said, opportunities being secondary and constitutional.
What he said was the nazi's burned the reichstag, historical fact, & then blamed the communists.
Ergo, Bush destroyed the Twin Towers and blamed islamic terrorists.

Ellison then continues with an exceedingly weak and pro forma disclaimer, the business about being called a nut, some people having a distaste for being called what they are. Clearly only the characterization he half heartedly wishes to avoid causes him from dropping his belief on us like a lead balloon.

Further weasel expressions such as "almost like, kind of" serve to provide him with a narrow escape hatch, one which some will be only too willing to grant, ahem!

I can't imagine what is "almost like, kind of" Nazi's burning the reichstag and blaming the communists. Would it be not burning it & blaming the Reds or burning it and not blaming anybody?

A follow through on subsequent events in Germany and our own recent events only makes Ellison's comparison more grotesque, which affliction would seem to be in character for him.

And now, I read today, he's trying to back pedal. I didn't read the details, though.

Of course he's trying to backpedal. Imagine going forward with it.

You took the words out of my mouth, johnt.

That turd is going to a work camp in the first week of the Keilholtz Dictatorship. Then, when his term is done, he will be deported, along with all of the other Mohammedans, to Saudi Arabia.

If these people want to talk about dictatorships, I say, put me in and I will show them what it is really like.

Is Ellison a Wahabbist? If not, you ought to have some mercy and not send him to one of their encampments.

Besides, he's an American citizen, so you can't deport him anyway. But I get your point.

In the Keilholtz Dictatorship, Mohammedans will all be deported, no matter their race, place of birth, nationality, etc.

You have to realize that the Constitution as you know it will not be in place, or else there would be no Dictatorship.

My only campaign promise: if elected, you will never have to bother with Presidential elections again.

All right, as long as you're following the dictatorship - I mean dictates - of your Catholic conscience. Voting seems so futile these days anyway.

I will try, but I am not optimistic.

Remember, I might aim for Franco, but will probably end up Nixon, albeit a Nixon with unlimited governmental power. Pray for me (and for all of you, too).

I will (in fear and trembling).

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