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Happy Fathers' Day!

A happy Fathers' Day to the dads out there, especially...

--my husband, Tim,
--my dad, Henry W. of Chicago (who won't be able to read this, because he doesn't have a computer, but I had to mention him)
--my fellow bloggers at WWWtW who are dads, and
--Todd, our kind host.

Great fathers are part of what's right with the world. Thanks, guys!

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I, for one, thank you.

Did you have a good day on Sunday, Bill?

No. I had to say goodbye to my daughter and her dog. Then spend several hours on the road driving home, only to arrive, switch on the TV, and watch an Argentinian who needs a translator to talk to an interviewer win the U.S. Open. Then I opened a card from my wife. On the front was a man and woman in bed. He's reading a book called "Tile grouting made easy." She's reading one called "Women Are from Venus, Men are idiots."

I'm sorry. Perhaps I shouldn't ask what the card said inside?

I forgot to send my dad a card and mailed it only on Tuesday. I had to pick it out of a rack that had very few left, as if the Fathers' Day card locusts had descended upon it.

It said, "Happy Father's Day from your Goddess of Love."

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