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Personal plug for our own photographic genius

When the most recent issue of The Christendom Review came out, Paul Cella mentioned that Todd McKimmey, to whom we at W4 owe so much, has a series of photographs featured there.

I want to add here that you should really check out Todd's studio page and especially his gallery. Here is his storefront. His flower and landscape pictures are available for purchase. There are so many beautiful ones that it's hard to pick out favorites, though the editors at TCR have made a good start. Here, here, here, and here are just four of the ones I like best.

I find this photography stunning. If you are interested in owning a photographic print, you should consider getting one of Todd's. If you are not interested, or think you aren't, at least enjoy the images.

Comments (3)

Very nice stuff. Thanks for sharing!

I'll second this, most heartily. These are brilliant!

I like this one. Well, I like'em all, but...Paul knows what I mean.

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