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Election season comic relief

This is to help us all lighten up. Bob Hope in Ghost Breakers.

HT: Esteemed husband

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So, where's the comic relief? That's about as succinct as any description of a Democrat that I've come across.

First I'm told that Obama's monologue at Al Smith's dinner would be the funniest fifteen minutes of my life or any other, and now this. Disappointment in stereo.

Jeez, Lydia ;-)

I appreciated it, Lydia.

I mean, I thought it was a little contrived, and the zombies the man describes aren't quite the 28 Days Later hyper-aggressive-attack-zombies that characterize the Obama crowd.

But I'm partial to Bob Hope and half a joke is in the telling.

By the way, I was disappointed to notice that coercion, corruption, crime, despair, evil, murder, economics, suffering, suicide, and war outnumbered humor and hippies, 20 to 6 in tags.

We’re going in the dark alright, but I don’t think we’re going gaily enough.

The solution is obvious: tag “Hippies” to each of Zippy’s posts.

I love it!

Steve, you'll have to ask Zippy about that. :-)

Glad you like it, Michael. :-)

Or like pretty much everyone in New York City. Oh wait, those catagories greatly overlap.

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