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August 16, 2015

Sunday Verse


We will quietly undermine and sabotage
Your benighted laws, fellow citizens,
Then appear on the scene
As the disinterested lawgiver
To reform the failing laws;

We will introduce a poison,
Then act the part of the loyal doctor
With counsels of difficult but effective antidotes;

We will impoverish those among without a voice,
Enrich those whose wealth gives them leave
To whisper in our ear;

We will subject you to our factional will
With careful emollients of republicanism and tradition;

We will subvert to strengthen
Complicate to simplify
Emasculate to fortify
And baffle to bring clarity.

Your promises of enforcement?
We don’t believe you.

You must prove your fidelity to our laws,
Whatever you may think of them,
Before you come to us with reform.

You must demonstrate fidelity
To that which you do not hold in high estimate —
Enforce what you would not advocate,
Before you seek to remake it to your own ideal.

Show us real border security:
We will show you reasonable compromise on amnesty;
Show us stern deportations,
Show us stoicism in the teeth
Of the howls that will surely greet
Such difficult business,
And we will give you
Thoughtful intercourse on increased legal immigration.

Desist with your supplications to our enemies —
Defy the plutocrats,
Both here and abroad,
And we will show sympathy
For your political entanglements.

In short, treat us like citizens and not subjects
And we will have little difficulty with your leadership.