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July 7, 2014

Results of the W4 Reader Survey

Readers of What’s Wrong with the World tend to be fairly young. Fully sixty-five percent of our readership is under 45. The most common single age category among respondents to the survey was 25-35 years.

Almost a dozen first-time readers filled out the survey. It is difficult to account for this perplexity. On the other hand, close to sixty percent of respondents are daily or weekly readers.

While we have no grey wizards or Chestertonian geniuses (and at least one remark complaining of the poor humor), we do have a few autodidacts. Overwhelmingly, however, our readers are highly educated, not to say overeducated. Ninety percent have some college instruction. Nearly half have earned a postgraduate degree.

Almost half, likewise, are securely and gainfully employed. We have several titans among our readers — of both industry and home economy. We have about twice the number of unemployed readers as we do business owners. Several readers, poor fellers (for over eight in ten readers are male), are destitute and jobless. Students outnumber retirees.

Our readers span the globe, from Australia to Kingstown, Thailand to the Czech Republic. Canadians appear to outnumber Londoners, inclusive of the guy who gave a hockey team for his hometown. Colorado is well represented, as are California and Texas, Tennessee and New Jersey.

Almost six in ten readers never set down a comment; combined with those who rarely comment, lurkers make up eighty-five percent of our readership. Only two percent say they comment often.

Politically, over half of our readers are conservatives or traditionalists. Almost one in ten are monarchists, still alive and unhanged. Add up the socialists, along with the social democrats, liberals, leftists, moderates, centrists and Democrats, and you get to about twenty percent opposition readership: pretty solid considering that a half dozen readers complained of our rough treatment of dissent. Anarchists are overrepresented because the Editor blundered when he composed the survey, inexcusably neglecting the category “chirping sectaries,” meaning libertarians.

Roman Catholics cleared forty percent among respondents. Protestants approached it. Mere Christians came in third. No pagans or Jews filled out the survey, but several Muslims, a few Orthodox, and even a pre-Reformation Christian did. Agnostics and atheists made up about ten percent of respondents.

Thanks to all who took the time to participate.