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Tangled Up in Yule: Bob Dylan Recording Christmas Album

You can read about it here. For those who are interested, in 2006 I published a chapter in the book, Bob Dylan & Philosophy: It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Thinking), "Busy Being Born Again: Bob Dylan's Christian Philosophy." You can find that chapter here.

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It should be entitled “The Times They Ain’t A-Changin’” with the title song goin’ something like this . . . . .
“Pretend you’re a sweet Christian
Pretend you’re a hurt Jew/
Pretend you’re a Buddhist
or Satanist too/
At end you ain’t nothin’ but DNA goo/
Preorder, get Zeromas savin’s/
The more you sell the more you get, it’s
jungle or zoo/
For the times they ain’t a-changin’”

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